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Movement Panel For Sound Movement

Hi, I am trying to use the Sound Movement skill to move a head from left to right and have set-up my stereo microphones. Unfortunately, the above instructions do not make it clear which 'Movement Panel' I am supposed to use, nor how I configure a port, so the EZ controller knows which servo to move.

Can anyone help me out?

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I use the "auto position" control to move my robot's head left and right

you need to read the Auto Position manual and speech recognition control


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A Movement Panel is what moves the robot, such as moves the robot around the room. You can click on the words Movement Panel to read what it is. A Movement Panel is not what you want for the required result.

You want this one, called sound movement: https://synthiam.com/Support/Skills/Audio/Sound-Movement?id=16110

it has a script for sound detected on the right or the left. You can add a servo command in the scripts.

the trouble that you’ll run into is there is always sound. So the robot head might be moving back and forth rapidly between left and right. So set the update speed to 5000 or something I think. That will fix it from bouncing around.

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Hi DJ, thanks for confirming I do not need a 'Movement Panel'.

However, when you say I can add servo commands in the scripts, do you mean like this:

SetServoMin(D0, 90) SetServoMax(D0, 110) ServoUp(D0, 1)
Sleep (200) Stop()

#Right SetServoMin(D0, 90) SetServoMax(D0, 110) ServoDown(D0, 1) Sleep (200) Stop()


You add commands to move the servo. So it’s even easier, like so.


servo(d0, 10)


servo(d0, 160)