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Motor Gripper Constant Servo Noise

I have two of the servo grippers with the mini servos.

When I first power up the EZB the servos make no noise.

After telling the servo to go to a position the servo moves to the position and stops but keeps making a high pitched hum as if the servo is still trying to move. This occurs no matter what position it moves to.

My other servos for example the legs does not do this.

The only way I can make the noise stop is releasing the servo using the horizontal servo control or ez-script.

Is this normal. I do not want to somehow damage the servos.

Any help is appreciated.


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Are they digital servos? If so this may be normal. Digital servos whine trying to hold position. If they are programmable you can enlarge the Dead Zone where the servo centers and this may help.

I just received a HiTec servo that would scream when ever I powered it up. It turned out to be the little DC motor inside was bad.

If you have an analog servo there it won't make as much noise but if it's louder than other analog servos you have you may have a bad servo.


These are the servos that come with the ez - robot grippers. I have two and both do this.

I found it odd that the bigger servos that comes with six legs did not do this but the grippers did.

They keep doing this even when pressing stop in the Auto Position control.



This pair of servos are behaving very strange compared to the bigger servos.

They randomly will stop making the noise. The position the noise stops seems random.

Sometimes there is a slight stuttering to the sound and then it may stop or keep going.

I went position by position and could not find any position where the servo stops making the noise consisantly. They are also getting pretty hot but that is likely because the servo is only rarely actually stopping.


You will find all the ez robot servos will make noise - and a constant noise. Unless sometimes when you tap them, they may stop. I'm surprised to hear the Six doesn't make noise when standing - in my experience he's a very noisy robot :)

JD is also a very noisy robot :)

Because robots like to make noise hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm



With the larger servos I was testing without them being attached to the base.

However the small servo noise on the gripper never stops unless I do a release.

I tested the small servos even outside the gripper and the behavior is very different.

I can understand having noise when the servo is trying to hold weight into a static position.

I will test some more


Let me ask this.

If I press stop in the Auto Position control is the servo supposed to stop completely and not make any noise.

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Not necessarily.

If you press the release all servo/pwm button in the ribbon all noise should stop but the "stop" action may be holding a servo in a set position which would then cause it to buzz if it is under any load.


If a servo isn't making noise, it isn't doing anything. The servo making noise means it's holding something in position. In the case with the gripper, it's holding he gripper :)


I don't have any EZ Robot servos (yet)... I do however have a few different kinds (all analog) that I use on a regular basis.... In my experience all servos buzz when holding position... some more some less, but they all do...


This was very helpful. Thank you.


Thanks for all the help.

It makes perfect sense to me that the servo would make noise if it's trying to hold something in a position.

What still does not make sense to me is that if I have two servos.

The shaft of neither servo is tied to anything.

One servo keeps making noise as if its trying to hold something in position and the other does not.

That being said it sounds to me based on the responses that this is a not unexpected.