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Program robots using technologies created from industry experts. EZ-Builder is our free-to-use robot programming software that makes features like vision recognition, navigation and artificial intelligence easy.
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Most defiantly EZ Builder and the EZB are compatible with Roboclaw.  Although I haven't used the Roboclaw I was looking into it for my robot.I ended up going with Sabertooth motor controller with a X2 Kangaroo attached for position and speed control. You can control the Roboclaw 4 different ways and is able to receive feedback from limit switches, pots or encoders. Depending on what you want to do with it will depend how you set it up and the feedback device you use. It will defiantly have a learning curve and you'll have to study and find out how to send commands to it to control it. I'd suggest you download and start reading it's manual. That will have all the info you'll need to decide how to set it up and operate it. Good luck and have fun!