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Misterious Click

hi has anyone hear this clicking sound?i hear it in the speaker.
i cant feel it in any servo.what i do find is that the circuitboard gets hot.

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That's a voltage regulator - it will get very hot because it's a linear voltage regulator, otherwise known as the "old school way of lowering voltage". It will generate a great deal of heat because it dissipates electrical energy into heat
United Kingdom
A speaker will click when a voltage is applied to it, if you measured the voltage across the speaker after the click I would be pretty sure that there is something there. This may be what is causing the regulator to get hot - basically, if the regulator is being used it's going to get hot.

The cause, that's difficult to say. Check the circuit board for the usual shorts, broken components etc. Also check all wiring to make sure nothing is connected incorrectly.

An easy fix... Get a V4. It has on board MP3 etc. so you can basically just eliminate that board, you'll also save power since the EZ-B V4 uses switching regulators not linear regulators so energy isn't released as heat, it's just not released (or something like that, I'm no expert on regulators I just know it's awesome).
I have heard the clicking a couple times which happened when one of my servos was jammed
thank you all

i have order the ez-b4.this is the head off my robi.from the first time it clicked.
i have connected only the speaker no servo's and click.
so its normal the board gets hot then.i notest the som servo's when turn to one side,
goes smooth and the other side heavier.
dj you where right all is normal.just one thing,how do i set this question as solved?
Every time you reply to a thread, you can mark it answered...
sorry am the dumb one here so,mark as answered just write that in reply?
United Kingdom
You didn't set it as requiring assistance but as a general message therefore you are unable to mark as resolved and give credit to whoever helped you.
You're not dumb... look for a drop down box at the bottom of the page of people who responded to the thread. Select the person you feel helped you the most... say something, anything then post. It will automatically mark the thread as solved...

LOl... now I am the dumb one... thanks Rich...:)
RICH your right,i dont see the drop down list.
richard thanks for responding and nice words.
dj thanks your answer was correct.
thanks anyone who responded.

problem solved:D
lol, no problem:)

The new website removes all question statuses after 30 days. If someone doesn't mark the question as answered in 30 days, the status is removed. That is why you no longer see this thread marked as a question:)
ah.next time post as needed assitents and marked as solved whitin 30 days .got it..