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Micro Hdd Servo Dimension

Hello everyone.

Can someone confirm the physical size of the Micro HDD Servo?

The product page lists - Width 3.0 cm Length 3.0 cm Height 1.0 cm which seems odd.

I wanted to make a cad file of it so. Also if anyone has done this please pass it along.



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Just bumping this.
width 20mm Length 40mm Height 40mm Just got some in and that is the measurement I got. with a gauge it is width 19.88 length 40.74 Height 38.32
@nallycat... wrong servo dude... @3dGuy wants to know the micro HDD servo size

Height: 35.16mm (including top of the servo horn).. 31.16mm to the body top
Length: 29.42mm (not including screw anchors, body only)
Thick(width): 13.81mm
more or less Richard's results:

width: 13.80 mm
User-inserted image

Length: 29.40 mm
User-inserted image

Heigth 1: 27.60 mm
User-inserted image

Heigth 2: 31.00 mm
User-inserted image

Height w/horn: 34.90 mm
User-inserted image

distance horn <-> side: 22.90
User-inserted image
I just got these HDD ez-robot servos in the mail today here are my measurements of just the plastic body not the spline or the attachment screw points
User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image
@nallycat... Again the OP wants the dimensions of the micro HDD servo not the regular full sized HDD servo in which you are measuring...