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Pepper will utilize cloud-based AI to store "collective wisdom" - the company's term for observations of human emotion. Son hopes that "hundreds of thousands" of Peppers will learn these emotions in people's homes, then share the data they gather with other robots to speed their evolution.

When Pepper celebrates a birthday party with its human family, for example, the robot will notice emotional moments like singing the birthday song and blowing out the candles - those big emotional moments will be recorded and sent to the cloud. Small emotional moments, like reactions from watching TV, will be minimized or deleted.

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interesting concept. I have been thinking about building a .net app that would allow ez-b to log data to a database for future reference. Just didn't know what for. This could be a thought.


comes out in februari next year.pepper there is a similar robot from hovis,same look and does alot similar. lot smaller do.

maybe this can help you


A lot of those same things I had thought about, but they took it to a much higher level. Thanks for the video. Amazing stuff.

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ARC can log data to a database. While the EZ-Cloud data storage isn't fully set up yet (or wasn't last time I checked) it is there with the PushVar() and PullVAR() commands. I've also had my ARC grab data from a MySQL database that Jarvis maintains so my robot is aware of a lot more than I really know about :)

While not exactly the same the principals behind it are the same. Data saved as variables for ARC to use which are pulled or pushed to the cloud (or in my case MySQL database).


@Rich, thanks for the info. I had no idea this already existed.


This is quite impressive. It does a lot of practical stuff.


Wait. Hold on a minute. What? eek <ARC can log data to a database.> @Rich Ummmmmm, you can't just drop a bomb like that casually and walk away! :-) I need some more information on what you are doing please. Which MySQL product are you using? How did you setup the connection to work with ARC?

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The PushVar() and PullVar() commands are part of EZ-Script. These can save variables to the cloud which will come in handy once that part of the cloud is set up.

As for the MySQL part... my method is very crude and most likely to be poorly coded hence why I haven't written a tutorial on it yet. It works but I would say it only just works.

What I have done is this...

I have a Ubuntu based PC on the LAN which is used for a whole load of stuff but the important thing here is it is used as a MySQL Database (Server version: 5.1.61-0ubuntu0.11.04.1 (Ubuntu)) and Apache2 (PHP5).

The database has various databases and tables which everything that runs in my house logs something to, be it lamp statuses, washing machine run time, details of media in my movie library, tv shows, music etc.

This information can be pulled off with ARC through simple PHP pages using the HTTPGet() command.

Like I said, it's crude but I have some pages set up which display the latest entry in the table, for instance living room temperature. The PHP for this is as simple as;

//Set up DB
//mysql user name
//mysql user password
//connect to the mysql server
$ss = mysql_pconnect($hostname, $username, $password) or die(mysql_error()); 

//select a database on the mysql server

//Get Temperatures
$tempquery = mysql_query(&quot;SELECT * FROM temperatures ORDER BY time DESC LIMIT 1&quot;);
$tempresult = mysql_fetch_row($tempquery);

//Air Temp
$airtemp = $tempresult['2'];

echo $airtemp.'&amp;deg;C';

So when I use the script command $LivingTemp = HTTPGet("") the result is saved as $LivingTemp, in this case if I run it right now $LivingTemp = "22.5°C"

The same can be done for anything else in the DBs. With clever PHP coding it even tells me my favourite film, how many times I've watched it, when I last watched it, what the last song I listened to, who my favourite artist is, genre, song, album etc.

Similar is used to write to the DB. However, typically (sods law) my connection to my server has just dropped on me so I'll have to wait until later to check how I did it. I'm assuming that it's just simply a case of using the cursor.execute("insert into data(data1,data2) values (%s,%s)", (data1,data2)) command in PHP (I'm far from competent in PHP so this may not be correct).

That PHP page, let's call it datalogger.php is called in ARC with the HTTPGet() command

HTTPGet(&quot;; + $data1 + &quot;&amp;data2=&quot; + $data2)

Something like that anyway. Hopefully it gives you the idea. When I get home and can check my server again (or if the dropped connection decides to fix itself - which it does from time to time, I assume it's the poor PHP code and millions of requests to the MySQL DB that causes excessive load and it just gives up) then I will post mode code.

Another way I have used is with Python and EventGhost. Run EventGhost on the PC with ARC, connect it to ARC via Telnet, have EventGhost listen to ARC and send the variables to the MySQL DB that way. (again, no code at the moment as I don't have remote access to my EventGhost stuff).


It will be interesting to see how these robots interact in real life. How do you guys feel about invasion of privacy in terms of these?


Not exactly right on topic, but does anyone else think this robot is butt-ugly? :P

looks pretty advanced though, those looks just really put me off of it


@Stika am sure some will see this as being an issue. I am sure that they operate off of wifi. These same concerns would be relevant for anyone using a webcam on a computer or a home automation or security system with a camera. Wifi has become pretty secure, so hopefully this wouldn't be too much of a concern.

@CupCakeHat I agree that they are ugly. The ability of these is pretty impressive though, and it gives us more goals to shoot for with our builds.


Let's hope the clip wasn't just CGI!


i like the pepper robot.and soon also romeo will be released for the prize , somewhere round 4000 euro.thats very impressif low.


stika what means not just CG!