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Mebo Robot Platform With Best Gripper Lifter For Price

Hi Everyone,

Here's a cool inexpensive robotic platform that with a little help from an EZ Builder interface, would be capable of picking things up around the house.




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Not if you read the reviews of the kobra.
Just another remote control toy - hardly robotic! Definitely would need an EZ-Robot hack!
Both the kobra and this would need servos. The motors and plastic assembly is made as a children's toy and not strong enough to lift anything more than 2-3 oz. Also, there's no positional feedback for the motor joints.

I would totally hack one of those two toys with stronger servos and ez-robotify it:D

Out of the box, they have reviews expected for children toys
WOW! Just checked out RB550's Irobot 710 Kobra project.

Very cool. I'll follow his lead regarding fortifying its strength. However it is capable of lifting a MIP with a nearly fully extended arm.

That one appears superior to the Mebo.

Has anyone figured out the url to the camera on the Mebo? I found all controls url's, but not the camera url. Tried iSpy scanner. Another weird thing : after installing Fiddler proxy, it was all as if the app was capable to bypass the proxy settings. It'd work even when fiddler would be done on the computer on which it's running, same with Charles proxy. I'm missing something... any guidance?

Another thing: This device is weird... after reset it won't let me use a direct ad-hoc connection anymore and will immediately start firmware upgrade without prompting. Has anyone had the same issue?

it most likely operates the same as the brookstone rover, by using the same port for all services. There's a common pcb shared amongst all these same robots. It's very inexpensive pcb designed for wireless webcams that found its way into toys.

Funny thing, I spent a few days this last week with one of the engineers of that toy. I want interviewing to understand what goes into manufacturing toys vs ezrobots. It's significantly different and not transferable skills. But very educational anyway.

Maybe they have a forum for users of that toy?

Good luck!
Thank you Dj for this info you could reasonably share. There's very little doc on that one but now I have a lead since I can look toward the brookstone rover, which is older and probably much more documented. If this can reassure you, I do intend to attach an EZB V4 on it, but not for educational purpose, this one is just for my own fun.

If this interest anybody I extracted the android's app libraries and I'm currently trying to figure it out through this.
You might want to try running Wireshark instead if fiddler to capture all of the packets. For the camera, you can probably filter on rtsp to make sense of it.


Alan is right.


Fiddler proxy, it was all as if the app was capable to bypass the proxy settings. It'd work even when fiddler would be done on the computer on which it's running, same with Charles proxy. I'm missing something

Fiddler and Charles proxy are http(s) proxy monitors, can't help you with the video.

If you want real communications monitor you need something like wireshark or ethereal.

A few months ago a friend of mine sent me a few communication captures, for the same purposes.

use VLC and try the following url:



#stream:video = user:password
# = replace with your mebo robot ip
#6667 - static port
#streamhd - url path for the hd video

i don't know if it works, my friend sold the robot (he got bored quickly).

if it works please let me know, i spent some time looking to the captured data for nothing:)

btw there are more commands (url scripts) but you need to analyze the data.
YES IT WORKS! Thank you soooo much!
@Alan thank you for your answer too. As a matter of fact I was also running wireshark but for some reason I would never get a rtsp protocol through the filters. None, at all.
@elfege I am interested in the android library. Could you please share it? A github would be perfect, but I take anything, including a zip file. If you want, send it to edisonn@0pii.com

I bought today an mebo and a 710 kobra, and I am planning to play with them for a while.

Thank you,
@edisonn sorry It's only today that I see I never answer your request. Here is a link, in case you haven't figured it out already.

Question: has anybody figured out a way to control it over the internet using a vpn? I've tried with openvpn but to no avail. Any idea? I can control it remotely using the http api and ez-robot, but I'd like also to be able to do it from my iphone using the original app... I was assuming, at first, that a simple vpn, emulating my local network, would suffice, as it works for many other applications. It seems, though, that the vpn can't transmit tcp packets... am I right?

Thanks in advance,
@elfege I think you forgot the link.

As far as openVPN, it should handle all tcp and udp traffic, but iPhones are pretty locked down and may not pass all traffic through the VPN. This is just one of the many reasons I use Android. Even without root, I have much more control over the operating system, and if I really need it to do something outside the manufacturer or carrier's design, most can be rooted.