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Make Magazine Wants A Few Words From Me About My Inmoov

Hey guys, Just got an email from someone at Make Magazine... They want me to talk a bit about my inMoov bartender for an upcoming article... How I built it, how I programed it and such... I only get a few lines in a sidebar so can't relate my life story here LOL... :P

So I guess I need to mention just how awful the ezb and ez robot are?...:P Ok, you got me, I am going to praise it of course!

@DJ... Sorry dude, they are only giving me a side bar but I will do my best fit in as many mentions of ez robot and the ezb4 as I can...


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Do yourself the honors because you deserve it! That's really great they found you :)


Great work results in a bit of recognition. Congrats Richard R

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That's fantastic news Richard. Well done. :D


To be honest guys... It is hard for me to think they would want to speak to me... I am not putting myself down at all but without the ez robot, I am just another arduino user in a sea of arduinos... I think ez robot made me look better than I actually am.... I guess I am ok with that... However when you got guys on here like d.cochran , Rich, Alan and mtiberia you always know you can learn a lot more and how much you really don't know....


Dude, that is awesome. Grats! You desire the recognition. We need to get ez-ai on that robot. Let me know when you are ready and it will be done.


@David.... Actually I have another bot in the works that needs your AI.... For now all I can say it is an inMoov hybrid so to speak... Yep a teaser... I definitely will be asking for your help with your AI within a few weeks....


Congrats on well deserved recognition. Your Inmoov is incredible, particularly for something that you put together so quickly.


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Be sure to let us know when the article is published. I for one would love to read it.


Nice going Richard! I'm going to put my wife in my next video. Maybe I'll get noticed. :D Seriously though, You deserve it. You have a jaw dropping robot there.


Thanks guys... as mentioned the article is featuring Gael the inMoov creator.... I'll just be a side bar in the article... Probably with other inmoov builders as well so nothing really fancy.... They never said when it will be released, so I guess I will have to check myself....