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Resolved Resolved by Jeremie!

Looking For Compatible EZB Camera Cable

Does anyone know of a cable I could buy domestically to the US with connectors that is compatible with the EZB camera port? I'd like to find a vendor that has cables like this that can ship to or within the US quickly.

I know I can order directly from EZ Robot but the last time I ordered these cables from them they took weeks to arrive. I really don't want to wait that long.

I've already set up 2 of 4 EZB's in my robot to connect to the computer through USB using the camera port. I want to go ahead and convert the other two. 

As an alternative I can just buy connectors and pins and make my own. What are the specs on these connectors.


EDIT, I mistakenly stated this and have removed. I was looking at the wrong measurement. Please ignore: EZ Robot site says 1.5mm. Is that the pin spacing? So would I look for a 1.5mm, 6 pin connector? But what type? 

See post # 7 for the correct size and pitch. Thanks Jeremie. 


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hi dave 

i think its an jst 6pin connector . but there are many type's .

I have some here, they are 8 inches long and plug into the EZB4/v2 camera port.
Send me a email (address in profile) if you are interested.

User-inserted image
You're awesome. I'll accept. Can't send email right now. I'm out and about. Later for sure. Thanks
User-inserted image

I plan on making my own extended camera cable with the parts yo see above. I found the 6pin  female end easy at local electronic store. But had to buy a whole connector kit just to get the 6pin male connector. The flat gray phone cable, is something I use at work. I will be making a 24 inch long cable. If some one wants one, let me know:)

Didn't hear from you, are you still in need of the cables or did you happen to find some?
hi robohappy 

i think yours are different .they have a tiny edge witsch the original dont have .

User-inserted image
#7   — Edited
Hey @Dave that type of JST connector is called JST-PH, you can find the connectors and pins on amazon. Some kits have pre-crimped wires, others require that you crimp your own. If you need to crimp your own, you'll need to spend the extra $ on a crimper.
#8   — Edited
Herr Ball. Sorry, I had double hernia surgery today. I've been kinda out of it and pre occupied before that. I'll send a message as soon as I can. I'll still feeling kinda loopy.lol. I appreciate this.
And thanks Jeremie, I'll look into this.
#9   — Edited
Jeremie, you say the connector is a PHStyle. I'm a little confused and simply looking for info. Ez robot store says the camera cable is 1.5 but that's a ZH style according to this I found:
PH 2.00 mm (0.079 in)
ZH 1.50 mm (0.059 in)

Can you confirm? Thanks!
#10   — Edited
It's definitely JST-PH 2.0mm pitch.
Thanks Jeremie. Understood. Thanks for stepping in and helping.
Hey @Dave Where did you see the pitch being 1.5mm? I couldn't find it.
@Jeremie. Sorry brother. I was mistaken about this info being on the EZ Robot site. There is no mention of the type and pitch of this connector on on the Camera Cable EZ Robot's website. I was looking at the wrong spec and not noticing the difference between MM and CM. Blame it on my Imperial Measurement upbringing and my dependence on it.  Sorry if this caused you any inconvenience.:(

User-inserted image
Hey, no prob @Dave I figured that might have been the case. Funny enough, I had planned on updating the camera product descriptions very soon, this gives me the incentive to get it done right away!
That's very much like the connector kit I picked up at local electronics supply store here, for about $18 . I alsp plan on extending the 4 pin JST for the RGB displays. I've had luck with the I2C still working even at a few feet.:)
#17   — Edited
Hey everyone, thanks for all the help. Herr Ball is sending me camera cables he got from EZ Robot that has been setting around his house. Thanks Herr! I hope you find something it fill that empty space now. LOL!;)

I also found a couple 2.0 PH connector kits on Amazon that has pre crimped pins attached to wire. Don't need them now that Herr saved the day for me but it's good to know for feature projects. Here is is:

This one has both male and female PH 2.0 connectors sized from 2 pins to 6 pins. This has pre crimped wires that just snap into place - $19.00 USD (No crimpers needed). Good for making extension cables! The down side it that it only goes up to 6 pins if you need more but the EZB connectors only has 4p and 6p male connectors (or female depending how you ID. LOL. xD). 
Male/Female PH 2.0 Connector Pre-Crimped Cable Kit

If you plan on doing a lot of these a crimping tool and a bare kit is probably the way to go. The kits like Sleepy points to has a better selection of sizes. With either option you can make these as long as you need. Just with the pre cut and pre crimped kit I pointed to You you would have to simply solder a longer wire in the middle and your desired connector choice (If needed) on the other end from the 2.0 housing. If you don't know how to solder may it's a good skill to learn. It comes in very handy if your building robots and easy to do once you learn. Sorry if I sound like I'm lecturing.

Defeat long shipping times! There is one day shipping on this item to my house in the USA with Prime! I don't know how that works in other parts of the country or the world. Don't we live in marvelous times??!!