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Long Video Camera Cable

My Robot hands turned up (about 100 tiny little pieces each and no assembly instructions :-) . I want to embed a camera in each of the hands so I can see what I am about to grasp. I was going to use 2 cameras from the dev kits but I need a longer cable to do this as I have to travel the length of a robot arm to the ez-b (about 3 feet (90cm) - .


  1. Does anyone know long the camera cable can be without signal degradation.
  2. Does anyone know if there is an off the shelf cable extension or longer cable available with same connectors or am I better off just getting some ribbon cable and cutting and soldering together.

Thanks for your help as always


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I was able to extend my camera cable on Cybot2, I made mine 3 feet and it works just fine. I used an off the shelf lipo battery connector/cable that fits the ezb camera perfectly and I had just cut and and extended it with some multiconductor wire I have..


What's wrong with the extra long video cable from the online store here?... With the regular camera cable plus the long camera cable will get you close to 90cm Long Camera Cable


Thanks everyone, Didn't realize this one had been hashed about before. Nice find on the cable thanks @Richard R. I just submitted an order for a couple of batteries and I Wish I saw this post before I pressed submit as Shipping is the killer.

Really need a way to buy stuff in Canada, in Canadian Dollars, With Canadian Shipping costs, (especially since this is a Canadian Company)

I will hold off until I assemble the hands, I am sure I will need something else by then.

FYI here is all the pieces (this is just one hand)

User-inserted image


We’re working on geowarehousing:) as the company gets bigger things move slower. I’ve been dedicated to fix that - we have some great people with huge experience joining our team soon. It’s neccesary because product demand is pretty crazy right now. We’re fulfilling orders from our new million square foot manucturing facility for entire country public schools. Announcements soon... stay tuned!

In the meantime what you did is great!


Wow this is exciting news on the public schools. Kids need to be learning about robotics. I keep telling my 13 year old son this is the next generation of employement, building, programming, maintaining and working with robots. Having accesss to robots in public schools is a great first step.



I am building a custom robot and used 6 conductor 22 gauge shielded wire that is 8FT/2.4M long have no degradation at all. I used shielded because I have over 20 different wires traveling in the same route that can cause interference, but if you are not going to have so many other wires traveling next to it, then the EZ extension cables sold here should work fine and wont require splicing/soldering.


Rob bot is right about interference - using cheap Ethernet twisted pair is a good idea for the camera.

Also regarding children learning robotics - it’s crazy how scary it is. The main concern is that a significant number of jobs won’t exist OR will require a very different skill set in a few years. When you add 30-40 years, these jobs will be unrecognizable. So.... it’s sad that unless children get the opportunity to understand automation, they’re most likely going to be unemployable.

While the USA doesn’t recognize that, yet... other smaller counties who’s gdp relies on labor relations with the USA do recognize it. So they’re the counties who are embracing teaching this technology - not the USA.


"While the USA doesn’t recognize that, yet... other smaller counties who’s gdp relies on labor relations with the USA do recognize it. So they’re the counties who are embracing teaching this technology - not the USA."

This is so true right now. It's sad how many parents here do not realize the importance of a good education in robotics/automation. My kids 4 and 6 are enrolled in STEM schools to show them the importance of not just education, but education in technology because they will be the only good paying jobs left by time they graduate college and it amazes me when I meet parents who do not even know what STEM means. Both of my children are by my side and very interested when I work on Rob-bot and many other projects and are taking in everything I teach them. Hopefully, robotics will be the avenue they ultimately choose.