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Liar Why

no reply at all. And delete my last post. How bad you are! mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad


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Customer or not, I think it's time to ban this guy from the forum..... could be just trolling...


In your last post, you were asked by an employee of ez robot what you were referring to. You never replied.

if you have a question for the staff and want a reply, you should do the smart thing and use the Contact Us link to contact them. It's a crazy concept, I know. If not, then you are simply trolling and should be banned.


your only other post

This is your only other post. It clearly states by ez robot employees that you might not get Roli in September. It also has recommendations by others on how to get your project going on a platform that is similar to Roli and get your other parts sooner through the developer kit or an EZ-B purchase directly. Everything that you were told is true and EZ-Robot has tried to contact you through the same method you used to contact them, but you didn't reply. All of this makes you look like a very bad person. You are just plain naughty. shengdanlaoren isn't coming to see you this year if you don't change your ways and apologize for your words and actions.

I pray that you don't order and move onto another platform. There are many out there to choose from. Please, please, please choose to use an arduino for your project. Please? Nobody on this forum needs your kind of anger and hostility. They are much more receptive of it in Google land. You will love it there.

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as far as i can tell everyone has tried to help you as much as possible and you somehow still become butthurt when you realize you won't get your product in 5 minutes because you ordered late. please, leave and don't come back. nobody wants nor needs you in this community.

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Everyone is welcome in this community however if the OP has a genuine complaint or grievance then they need to use the Contact Us form.

Without any additional details nobody is able to aid the OP. We have provided help in another topic which has obviously been ignored or been unseen by the OP.

The best thing to do in situations like this is to ignore the topic and leave it for EZ-Robot staff to sort out.


You stated a thread last week asking about shipping times because you start a college project in September. EZ Robot and a lot of us told you not to order because a backlog of per orders were still being shipped and a September arrival date would not happen. How hard is that to understand? Sounds like you need a college course in deductive reasoning also.


Whether the poster is being hostile or not I felt some hostility back toward him. This is a friendly community and a great one at that. I don't thing one hostile person is worth the trouble. Other members, take a deep breath, click "back" and ignore a hostile comment, or at the very minimum, be polite as pausible when replying to a comment like this.

This is the first time I saw true hostility from good ez-robot members, and I hope it's the last.

(Meant to be read in calm, submissive attitude)



Yesterday he posted and was hostile. Everyone was polite to him. Today he posts more hostile. Hostility came out. I don't blame anyone. He has been around a week and is trying to stir things up even though on the other two posts, people went out of their way to be helpful. He came back with some truly outrageous claims. Again, if he ordered, it was less than a week ago. Yesterday he stated that EZ-Robot was not a company and it was a scam. People were polite and replied with helpful information about it being a real company.

After yesterday and todays comments, people have had enough of him. I just hope he moves along and stops trying to cause issues when it is impossible for him to have an issue with EZ-Robot.


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Forum Etiquette.

Hostility isn't something we have on this forum. And while I appreciate the lack of respect the OP may have and the fact that some who have attempted to help may feel offended by the OPs posts, claims and accusations it is always best to just let it slide and do not revisit the topic.

Take it from experience, it helps nobody and only causes disruption if you end up in any kind of arguments, you're better off not revisiting the topic or if you must express yourself then state that you are unable to assist any further than you already have.


@LIMING, your problem would probably be better resolved through our support line, if you contact us. But if you insist on trying to find community support, could you please describe the problem? Accusations like "liar" aren't very helpful, and nobody knows what you're talking about.

We get that you're upset, but we can't resolve it unless you tell us why you're upset.

Your last post was probably deleted, as this one will probably be, due to trolling. From what I can see, you are just making accusations. If there really is something wrong, we'd like to know what it is, so we can figure something out!


LOL! Points to @Sudo for managing to use "butthurt" in a real scentence.