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Latest submissions

Movement  Tracking From Within A Script

Movement Tracking From Within A Script

I would like to use the movement tracking from within a script to do something similar to the glyph tracking tutorial. Is there a way to set the...

Have Jd Turn Towards An Object

I have progressed in my project to the point that, if I tell JD to find the red ball, he scans the area around him (turning his head left and right ) until he finds the red ball. My next step is to have JD turn so that the ball is straight ahead of him (in the center grid). I am hoping not to have to reinvent the wheel if someone has done this. I...

Multi Color Tracking Question

An implementation question. When tracking (multicolor) with two objects matching different colors, JD appears to always return first color defined in the CameraObjectColor variable. The other color object variables either have the first color in the detection group or the last color defined. For example: with a red ball only, it sees a red ball....

Camera Unreliable ? Using Blockly

I am trying to get jd to recognize different object by using multicolor tracking. I have defined 3 colors (red, green and yellow) for multicolor tracking. Using blockly, I have an if statement if cameraobjectcolor_1 = red . If is sees red it says I see red. etc The problem is that it is unreliable. I can see the tracking box around the red object,...

Head Position

I have a small issue with JDs head position. If I slide it all the way into the bracket, it wont somersault. I can get him to somersault if I pull it towards the back, but there is no way to keep it secure. Is there a way to position the head in the bracket securely?

Shoulder Servos Dont Move

After charging the battery and inserting the cpu, I tried to check out which shoulder servo was left by following the tutorial. (After powering on of course) Neither shoulder servo moved. Am I doing something wrong or do I have a bad body?
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