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Led Over The Sound Servo Control

Hi there. Im building my first Robot and Im very impressed about the possibilities on the EZ-B..
At this point I really need a help. Im trying to use some leds to lipsync the sound that comes from the sound board (its the robots mouth...). Well, I hooked up the led on a digital port and use the sound servo control... the problem is: the LED NEVER GOES OFF! Even when the value is Zero.
And the other problem. It responds to the MIC signal, but not to the soundboard...
can someone help me on that ?
thank you!
best regards from your friends in Brazil.


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Can you draw the connectivity of your circuit and the script command used as this will help others to understand more your setup.
I am not sure if this link can help.

Rectified link
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The sound servo panel is for moving a servo in sync to a sound. You really need another circuit like a motor controller that can then drive a LED. The sound board just outputs stored sounds although a mic near the PC speaker could pick this up.

So I think basically you need a circuit that takes the servo control pulses and converts them to a DC voltage level. Everything else you need is pretty much there
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Here is another method means trashing a servo though but they are cheap enough
Ignore the radio control stuff the servo would just plug into the EZ-B board

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@rich : this is the link I meant ...but seems I had an issue while copying the link.
I should have verified it....thx for posting the proper link.
Hi Friends. Thanks for the ideas... I think that trash an servo circuit to drive the led could works... but how do I catch the sound signal from the soundboard and convert that into a value to drive the servo ? I mean.. it works with the mic sound.. but that's not exactly what I want...

Thank you very much for your help.
I'm looking forward to post some pic and videos of my prototype..
I have a similar issue that @tevans is bringing up. Sound servo appears to only work with the microphone input. This is fine if the sound is coming from the device that houses the mic. However, I have an onboard BT speaker.

It would be great if the sound servo control allowed you to select where the sound was coming from. I can see where this could get complicated since some folks use MP3 shields, though.
United Kingdom
You could always use the +ve wire of the speaker to trigger (or even power) the LED...

Or Digital Ports can read PWM, or analogue can read ADC. If you can somehow set up the speaker wire to output between 0 and 5v depending on volume you could read this and convert that to LED brightness...

Just food for thought:)

Edit: Indestructables have a tutorial on sound reactive LEDs that may be work a look at.
Hey... Some progress here. In fact, the "trashed servo circuit" trick did work to triger the led... But still only with the sound coming from the mic...
I'm sorry... But can you teach me HOW to read only the soundboard sound ? (Not the mic).
I tried to turn the "listen" on mic config.. Did not work...
Wiring in the LEDs may be an option, though I'd probably need to add a switch in there to control when the LEDs react. Tasty food for thought, Rich.:D
I also was looking for something to drive LEDS like they have on the B-9's chest. From the speaker, not the mic.
Uau! Thanks folks... The easiest solution was the most useful! Just wired the led to the speaker + and - and voila!
It blinks sincronized (is this the correct word in english?!?!) to the robots voice! Perfect.
I'll post some videos soon.
Best regards from Brazil.
Glad to here it Tevans. I can't wait to see the videos. I am also interested in this subject. I'm also playing with my first ez-robot kit. I have redesigned it several times. I hope to have my next version completed tomorrow. And yes, that is the correct English word;)
Hi friends, here some pics of the actual stage of my first prototype... I used some plastic trashcans for the body, an candy jar for the head... And built an aluminum frame inside to hold the structure. The hands at this point are made of balsa wood, but I will send the model to get the pieces cuted out in acrylic. The arms are made of plastic and two brass tubes...
I am not shure bout the head yet.. But i decided that the bluetooth speaker goes inside that and the leds will be housed in a little box in the mouth..
Well that's it.. It's not a masterpiece, lol... But I'm learning a lot from that. Despite my english...:)
Thanks for your help.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image
That is coming out awesome! I really like the look of it.
@tevans your robot is looking very heroawesome! what size/torque motor are you using for the shoulders? DC motor or servo? :)
Thank you friends. I'm using a pair of heavy duty servos for shoulders and two micro servos for elbows..
I'm thinking about put some micro servos on the wrists too, but I'll have to wait the acrylic hands to see if they can lift that...