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Learning How To Display Photos On Forum Messages ?

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Good Evenng EZ-Robot Community !

 Your File Attachment facilities are GREAT, but I do not know how to use the "Add Image" feature without buying or borrowing some Hosting Space on a server to get an Image URL.

 Does the EZ-Robot Server accomodate this ?

Again Thanks,, 602-246-1246(H)

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Just use the "attach file" choice.


You click "choose file" then find the file on your computer and click it. Take in mind it should be a jpeg. Once you chose a file click upload. The page will refresh with s picture file you just uploaded but it will be renamed. It automatically puts the picture at the end of whatever you typed so far. This means you may want to upload them as you go. This is the jest of it , have fun and we look forward to your posts;)


Ezrobot saves the photo , theres no need to create a link or host it off the site. Only forums individually ran do that to keep their bandwidth costs down but its not a good way o do it because eventually all the pics get lost when the third party stops hosting them.


Thank You for the heads up till now i thought that we needed to post photos on a server like FB or PB then post a link Thank you :D

United Kingdom

You can upload elsewhere and insert the photo using the Add Image button to the right or by using the BB code [ img]ImageURL[ /img]

(note, remove the space after first square bracket on each tag)


You do not need to upload the file somewhere else. Our server will host a ZIP, Image or EZB file for you. Simply follow these instructions:

  1. Locate the "Attach File" section when replying to a message

  2. Press BROWSE

  3. A "Select File" browse window will appear

  4. Locate the the image file on your computer

  5. Select image file

  6. Press OK and the Select File browse window will disappear

  7. Press "Upload". The Upload button is located under the "Browse" button within "Attach File"

  8. Wait until the file is uploaded

  9. Continue editing your message

  10. Press the Save button and post your message