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Lcd For Ezb

hi.will there be an LCD screen availeble for ezb?:D


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United Kingdom
Devantech make this range which @toymaker covered how to use in this topic (there is also a topic by me which covers it too somewhere if you needed further info).

Digole make a range of LCDs too which I have covered in much detail in this tutorial. I am still working on completing the tutorial with more information for the graphics on the LCDs which are capable of displaying graphics.

You can pick up most compatible LCDs on eBay. Just make sure they are serial or I2C and if not one from the manufacturers above then make sure you get a clear datasheet which explains all commands before you buy it.
We will have an LCD EZ-Bit and an OLED EZ-bit announced shortly:)

As well as a compass, accelerometer, distance sensor and more... All in fancy EZ-Bit cases with cables that plug right into the EZ-B v4
I should just set up my paycheck to direct deposit 10-20% directly to EZ-Robot and have you just ship everything new to me as you create it. It will make the ordering process so much simpler:)

United Kingdom
Wow! Talk about making things easy! It's gone from something for the hobbiest/geek to something anyone from 4 to 104 could put together and use with no problems.
An ez-b credit card with authorization for new products as they are released. Lol

Keep up the great job of product development.

@thetechguru It all sounds great except for the fact none of us have any of this "awesome" stuff yet... I realize EZ robot team is working their arses off to get the new product to market... However, before we run we need to walk... So lets get the basic robots and boards shipped and then I will throw more money EZ Robot's way....:D
OLED's?! Are you gonna have those flexible clear conductive screens too?! Now I'm really excited!
@doombot , you will have a JARVIS heads up display in your ironman suite in no time.
@DJ You guys are really making quite the leap for V4. EZ-Robot was already cool and fun but I love the way you guys are listening to us and paying attention on how we use our product. "You don't want to do any soldering to set up that ping sensor? We got a Bit for that." Thanks again for your devotion to the cause.:)