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Kinect - Shows But No Go

Well I found a Kinect on Craigs List for $30.00 and just couldn't pass it up.
Got all the drivers loaded and it works good in Amcap and Skype, twice as nice as my USB Logitech cam but can't connect to it in EZB.
It shows in the camera device but gives a error when starting ...:(
What a great picture this thing gives, really nice and clear.
Can't wait till EZB can run it.



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United Kingdom
What drivers did you use? And what SDK (if any)?

Last time I checked (admittedly it was a few months ago) it wasn't working on Skype and nobody had any desire to make it work since it's more than just a web cam or something (the guys on the kinect forums I was looking on were very unhelpful and looked down on anyone who wasn't part of their group).
Awesome @Herr Ball great score! Your the " goto" guy now for Kinect info/experiance:) You will have a waiting audience....
Well I wouldn't call me the GOTO guy ... LOL ... just lucky enough to find a blog about how to go about getting the Kinect cam to work as a pc camera.
Besides it might interfere with DJ's when he gets it working with EZB.
Only time will tell.
United Kingdom
All I know from experience is the Kinect and PC can be a pig if you change things, as far as the depth, skeletal etc. stuff goes the SDK is great but to use it as a standard webcam and mic array can be the biggest pain in the rear.

You should be able to connect the Kinect camera up if you are using a notebook or desktop. It will say in the camera settings wireless device, or choose one of the other cameras. I can choose other cameras in my ARC.


I have a Mini ITX board on my robot and the Kinect plugged into a usb port.
I see the Kinect Camera in the EZB Camera settings and choose it from the drop down menu but it gives a error and will not show anything.
Is that what you mean by choosing other cameras?
Have you got it to work in EZB?
I have gotten a different camera to work and chose it instead of wireless default. But, I have not tried to connect the Kinect up to the EZ-B. I tried it ONLY with Robo-Realm which worked very well.

Will the Kinect SDK allow you to write to .ini files or text files? If so you could write your Kinect data to text and read it from EZ-Script me thinks?

I'm not a programmer :(
I thought that if the pc and other camera software was able to see the Kinect that maybe EZB would too.
It did if fact show it in the camera drop down but threw out a error.
DJ mentioned several months ago that the Kinect was on his to-do list so just figured I would just wait.

@Herr Ball

Can you show us the link to the Blog you mentioned? I have a Kinect and would like to try it out. Thanks.

Send me a email, probably better that way.

What I found out using the KINECT i have 4 of them ,a few wont work with other software ,it depend on how old the firmware chip is, and i had to send one back.

SO you might check the date code and find out when it was made.
United Kingdom
You can update the firmware of the Kinect. My Kinect for Xbox360 has updated it's firmware when used on the Xbox360 in the past, I'm sure there is a way to do it from PC too if you check the Kinect forums and websites.
I did check on the old styles and so far on some forums no info .
RICH if you find any links on how to do it on OLD models please post it