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Just Playing: Ir Receiver

I'm looking into wireing up an old ir receiver I got in a wall-e U-command. Looking at it, this appears to be the pinout for it, but if not it looks almost exact to the one in the picture.

Pinning: 1 = OUT, 2 = GND, 3 = VS

PDF datasheet ^picture in datasheet^

Does everyone think that it would make sense?

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It's possible it may be that one however the first question which comes to mind is "What do you plan on doing with it?"

The IR Receiver is only part of the circuit you would require.

The IR Receiver should have some markings on it, at least a part number or code of some type somewhere.

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@Technopro, how did you get on with this, did you manage to wire and code up?


Never did get to it. Might just try to once Dewy is finished!


To connect an IR receiver like that isn't easy - it requires a pile of additional hardware to decode the signals. It's not as easy as morse code or serial, etc... It requires modulating the signal within a frequency of infrared light.

So, the solution is to use the i2c BV4615 that you can find in ARC. It only works with some remotes, not all. It worked fine with my Sony remote. Their datasheet explains more.

The ideal solution is to use an Mobile device and control your robot:) Rather than an IR remote at all.

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@DJsures, what if I wanted a robot to look for an ir led that was on not flashing, or follow an ir light?

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What I am trying to achieve is similar to the roomba looking for its docking station "seekdockingstation". So by using a ir receiver to look for an ir source that was on, my robot would be able to locate its charger.

If its possible, then I will add a couple more recevers & transmitters to allow correct line up between robot and charging station

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@DJ just a thought, is it just as simple as having the ezb check the output of the reciever for a "high" or "low" when connected to an adc port?

Apologies if I am talking rubbish. :-)


No, infrared is a pretty lengthy discipline. You will always detect IR, because it's all around us. Specifically outside, which is why you never see IR devices work outside. Although it was funny when I read this ignorant article about a farming robot. Which is a little off topic, but made me laugh at how ridiculous it is...

  1. The claim is the robot can see other robots by an IR detector - well IR doesn't work outside in the day because the sun literally bombs us with IR.

  2. It can "avoid obstacles" apparently with a distance sensor on top of it's head! ha, on top of it's head - so I guess it can only avoid things that are as high as it's head Shrug

  3. my favorite, it apparently has a magical seed sensor that can detect seeds. Wow, that's a new type of sensor I've never heard of. Seed sensor. I wonder if it can detect eggs too, might come in handy at easter:P

Anyway, that's rubbish - if you needed an example:)

If you want an IR beacon, I would build your robot on top of an iRobot Roomba.


get this: Pololululululu IR Beacon

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Oh I see :-)

Pants, back to the drawing board then.

Thanks for taking the time to answer, hope your having a great thsnks giving.


Thanks man! Take a look at the polululu sensor and see if that would work for you