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Johnny Five Robot Build

My name is Terry Andrews Jr. AKA, the "J5GURU" from Input-Inc. Already purchased this controller "ez-b v4/2" and Camera for possible use in the Johnny Five Robots for the worldwide "J5" community. Need to communicate with someone "DJ Sures?" that can answer some broad questions as to weather this controller is up to the task and if so, what it will take to make it happen. Prefer video chat Via Skype. Please Email me J5GURU@comcast.net
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Figured I would add some specifics so everyone can see what the Johnny Five's minimum electro-mechanical system requirements are. Also requires Microphone input and Camera.

Represents fully loaded
Johnny Five build,
No functional Tool-Arm.
That is a "static only"
display option!
Total Servo, Actuator
and PWM signal count =52

Total Lighting Count =12

Total Audio Count = 3


Radar Dish servo X2
Microphone servo X1
Whip Antenna servo X2
Eye Pop servo X1
Nose Rotation servo X2
Nose Basket servo X2
Eye Flap upper servo X2
Eye Flap lower servo X2
Eye L/R servo X2
Eye U/D servo X2
Eye Iris servo X2
Eye Vent servo X2

Total Servo's= 22

Speaker X1

Neopixel Ring X2
Ambient light source X1
Power Pole Detail X1

Neck & Upper Torso;

Head L/R servo X1
Turkey Neck F/R servo X1
Head Tilt Drive servo X2
Torso U/D Act/Servo X1

Total Servo's= 5


Lip Lights X1
Tracking Beacon X1


Deployment U/DServo X1

Total Servo's= 1

Pre-fire Targeting X1
Laser Firing X1

Speaker X1


Hug servo X2
Shoulder servo X2
Elbow servo X2
Wrist turn servo X2
Wrist U/D servo X2
Fingers servo X6

Total Servo's= 16

Lower Torso;

Waist L/R Act/Servo X1
Torso U/D Act/Servo X1
Display Door servo X1
Battery Comp. servo X1

Total Servo's= X4


Console indicators X2
Console display X1

Speaker X1

Cradel Base;

Track Tip Act/Servo X2

Total Servo's= X2

Track Drives;

Speed controller, PWM X2

Total Servo's= X2

Created by,
Terry Andrews Jr.
June 3 2018
How long did it take you to build him? Are his outer shell pieces metal or 3d printed. is he actually mobile?
That particular picture is of the Actual 1986 and 1988 (#5) Johnny Five movie Robot I documented in 2004. We are in the process of building re-engineered and designed versions. It will do it all and hopefully the ez-b controller will be at the heart of that! Here is a link to our Teams FaceBook page.

Here is a link to my YouTube Channel....Lots of Input!

User-inserted image
@J5GURU, a big welcome to the community Terry! I'm a fan of your work and youtube channel and facebook page. I think you'll find a lot of other helpful community members here.

If you have not had a chance to take a look at the learn section yet, I think you'll find the "EZB v4 & ioTiny" courses helpful because they'll give an overview of both for more of a DIY prospective and as you use the EZB it'll helpful to refer back to the information from those quick videos.

"The Robot Program" from the Learn section will probably be something to check out later on because there are lot of neat how to videos that cover making a robot dance, talk, track and object, etc and since they focus on the controls used in ARC and code examples you can really take those lessons and apply them towards any robot.

If I were in your shoes I'd probably want to know how to take the EZB and get started and like you said, is it up to the task of controlling everything in your J5.

My short is, it'll be up to the task, but not alone. Because the EZB only has 24 digital I/O what other community members do with large robots like B9 replicas or Inmoov androids is add additional EZB4s or ioTinys to their projects because you can have up to 5 mix and board in a project.

I think another big question might be is do you plan to have an onboard computer inside the J5 or not? Because that might direct some of your design choices.
Impressive robot and workshop too. Congratulations and welcome to this forum.
DJ will most certainly help you out with your questions, but I'm pretty sure the EZ-Robot controller is able to take care of your needs.
I love your work and ingenuity !
Hey Terry,

Cool work. Johnny 5 can do more than dance!
Question: Can the EZ-B v.4 handle my project?
Answer: Yes.
The Ez-robot platform can most easily handle your needs. One unit could do it if you're using Dynamixel servos or perhaps 3 units if not. Where it shines is you have to processing power of a PC that can handle all your CV and AI needs. That stuff is magnitudes more complicated on other platforms.

The only thing I've been unable to do are inverse kinetics but that was on the Version 3 board where there was too much of a lag in the PC to board interface. Johnny has will have no trouble standing on his own two feet. :)

Here's the spec sheet:


Bill Scott
I can’t tell you how excited I was to see Johnny 5. Absolutely fabulous