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Resolved Resolved by Rich!

Jd Sitts So Smooth

i found this on facebook.who made it?


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Would have had to be one of the EZ-Robot staff I would think. It looks good though.
@nomad18.... This thread should not have been marked as needing assistance.... What assistance do you require?
United Kingdom
That's the same actions that DJ showed off when he played with JD at home a few weeks back, so I would say DJ:)
well we have to wait on dj's answer.it looks desame but also different styl.

rr i though it was best to post questions as require,someone told me to do that.
i cant remember who said it do,sorry if its wrong posted.

i cant see the logo off EZ on the bottem feets?
United Kingdom
You should only post as "requires assistance" if it does require assistance. Doing so where assistance isn't required goes against the whole idea of the required assistance setting and may even be seen as abuse of the system if done too often.

When you mark a question as resolved the user will gain a "questions answered", the questions answered comes in useful for a lot of things not just "bragging rights", for one it shows new users who to listen to should there be any doubt. Also, since the introduction of store credit abuse of that system may lead to it being taken away which I am sure nobody wants.

Not to mention that I regularly check only topics with the require assistance flag on them when I am short on time. These topics, at least to me, are the more important ones. Having topics with this flag but don't actually require assistance get in the way and push down those with real questions that require help.

I've held off posting on a number of times regarding this however have been noticing that pretty much every topic recently of yours has required assistance flagged.

I believe it may have been me who recommended that new topics are made for different questions so that they are easier to find for other users and so that, in the case of multiple questions, the credit for each question can go to the deserving party. I did not mean that every questions needs this flag on it though.
thank you rich for explaining.i will sure follow your advies.
my appolegies to others who had to wait longer for there assistants.
i have no inttention off abusing the credit system.i really dont,
remember who said it to me,but thats not important.
i need to slow down.lesson learned

thank you all
I believe its DJ's video