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Jd Running After An Small Ball And Kick It :)

Hello, i am very new to EZ-Robot, and from Germany so sry for my bad Englisch;). I want that my JD walk to an red ball, for example, and if he is in front of the ball he should kick it with his feet, and run then after the ball again.:D I am using the normal ARC, and have actually no ideo how to solve thos problem blush...

Thanks in advance, Patrick:)


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Hi Patrick - that can be done. However, we do not see this as a problem. EZ-Robot Revolution and the accompanying software ARC were designed to help you do anything you wanted with robotics.

In order to have your robot do something, you have to make it do something.

What you are asking for is a few different disciplines, and I recommend splitting it into a few stages..

  1. Learn how to have your robot recognize a red ball. This can be done by simply learning how to adjust the camera tracking to see the ball. Your robot does not need to do anything about it - just learn how to have the robot see the ball only.

  2. Now let's learn how to execute an action when the robot sees the ball. The action that you will want to use is "Kick". To have a robot perform an action when it sees an object, simply use the Tracking Start Script in the Camera Control and insert the ControlCommand() from the Cheat Sheet for KICK.

  • Press GEAR Icon on Camera Control
  • Press SCRIPTS tab
  • Press Cheat Sheet in the script editor
  • Scroll through the Cheat Sheet list for the Auto Position Frame called KICK and select it
  • Save everything

Now, you should have your robot kicking every time it sees a red ball. However, you will only want to kick when the robot sees the ball in the lower part of the camera. Well, you will need to do a few things for that...

  1. Create a new Auto Position Frame and Action combo that has the robot looking down at it's feet for a ball. So now, when ever you want to kick a ball the robot will do so because it is looking down and can see it.

Once you start figuring that out and get this far - you can begin adding more details. Such as, only kicking when the ball is within a specific area of the camera view. And finally, knowing when to kick versus when to chase the ball.

I would get to stage #3 at least before asking how to chase after a ball.


Thanks for answering:)

At least it works, but JD is only walking very slowly.

Regards, Patrick


Teach jd to walk faster


@patrickarduino Put a girl JD in front of him.... He'll speed up:P


I have no girl-JD, but i can try some Arduinos, maybe he likes that:D