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Jd Pushes His Head Off

I have a problem - JD - who has had the moves before, has now started to push his head off with the right arm.

I must admit I am not yet good at calibrating, but this might be my chance to learn. Where to start?


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The best place to start is the EZB tutorials available for JD calibration..


Hi Karin, the servo calibration is important for humanoid robots. If servos are not calibrated, this will happen.

  1. click LEARN from website menu

  2. click JD Start Course

Follow lessons within the course from beginning. The lessons will help get JD running :)


Karin, FYI. I just went through the first 13 or so lessons last night. When doing the manual calibration, my servos were off a bit but that's not a problem (as stated in the manual) because in a future lesson you will be able to fine tune the servos. Looks like your JD is close so maybe to can just do the fine tuning, it's pretty easy, checkout the Lesson named: "Fine Tune JDs Servos".

Here's a link.

Pretty funny watching JD be-head himself, ok maybe not.

Good luck.


@karinhoegh I face the same problem with my JD. Scratch my head for 2 days after I found out the servo in JD body is fix in reverse. So i open the body and put the left servo to right and vice versa. that settle my problem.

@DJ maybe you should look into this matter at production site.


Hi and trank you for your support - I will dig in to the world of fine tuning and calibration. :o)

Kevbots - you are right - it is kinda funny to look at. Maybe a project to work on for uploading to the community ;-)


That gives me so many ideas for Halloween! How did none of us think to do this last year for the Halloween Video contest?


Hi Karin! We just realized that in your video, the arms are mounted upside down! That's the issue:) Do not worry about servo calibration, i'm sure that's fine.


when you power on the jd and connect whit ARC ,he chould stand like in the pic.

User-inserted image


User-inserted image

Don´t the shoulder-adapters turn the wrong way - when I see Nomad18.08´s and other images the openingis horisontal and not vertical.


the adaptors may be vertikel or horizontal bolt are good


Oh my - I started learning the calibration and waddayaknow - the shoulder cables were switched.

No more beheading - he´s got the moves again, headstand and all.

Thank you again.


Yeah! Nice work:) now your videos will be dancing robots instead of decapitating robots


Yeah - we have to find something else to do for Haloween ;-)