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Jd Left Shoulder Broken

The same day I got my revolution jd was the same day his left shoulder servo stopped working:( . Can you please help? And one note: when I calibrate the servo, it won't work. When I tried rebooting, still wouldn't work. Please help! There is so much it can't do when it's left shoulder won't rotate! Also, I don't want to get any money or payments of any kind involved in this! The robot was expensive enough. Just please let it be easy! Remember.. No calibration, purchases, 3d printing or difficult and complicated methods! my robot is a revolution jd


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robomaster, would you like to return your JD?
@Robomaster123 EZ Robot won't abandon you and even DJ has offered to take back your JD... If you want to work with robotics you are going to need to develop serious patience.... Maybe you have done something to the leg servo, maybe you haven't.... Panicking and saying things like you have been ripped off is not cool dude and is not going to help resolve your problem... You haven't been ripped off... DJ has offered you a refund....
2 possibly damaged servos is annoying, but it's not the end of the world....

I am guilty too of typing before I think, which is something I need to stop doing... So I do understand how you feel....

Be calm, all this will be taken care of..... By the way if you have any hope of being a robot engineer you are going to have to learn calm, rational thinking and most of all patience...

While your waiting, you should finish all the online tutorials....

I sent you an email. I need your mailing address to send you some spare servos.

In the mean time, just to make sure it is the servo and not the EZ-B, try plugging the two non-working servos into other ports you know work. Open a blank project and just add servo controls (either vertical or horizontal) for those two ports and see if the servos move when you adjust the minimum and maximums in the servo control (even before that, make sure the connections to the EZ-B are tight and that the shoulder one is plugged in the right direction (black wire to black pin).

Tried that, and it's ok,
I'm buying new ones
Heh heh...
Should have considered that earlier... :D
Are you certain that you would not like a refund? I will not be able to offer this after today. Please answer - this is your only opportunity for a refund.

Here is information for the return policy: http://www.ez-robot.com/Warranty.aspx
@Robomaster123 I don't know how old you are but you have to understand it's hard for a company to warranty things like servos.... If not used properly (not suggesting you did) they can easily break or burn out.... Even when you buy a brand new car, parts like brakes and clutches are not generally warrantied because they can be easily damaged by accidental or purposeful misuse....

Anyway my point is, you need to keep extras of certain parts when working on robots... Servos are one of those parts you should have extras laying around.... The good news is they are not that expensive.....

Believe it or not sometimes fixing your robot is more fun than just playing with it... You also learn a lot when you have to fix something.....:)
@Robomaster123 We didn't actually receive anything from you on the customer support end, I just went through the system and found nothing under your account. Make sure to use the link everyone has provided if you do end up needing it!
I am not sure we aren't being played here (apologies if I am wrong), but he also didn't reply to my email offering loaner servos while determining if he had a warranty claim or not.

@Alan.... He did mention birthday money... Even though many 40 year olds are still living at home these days, my guess he's just a young kid...
@Richard R, you are probably correct.

(although I also spent Hanukkah money on robot parts and I am 50+)

@Alan... LOL... Ah man... I am so jealous my parents don't give me money any more... I gotta' wait til' they croak now.... :P

Kidding of course...:)
@thetechguru, @Richard R
He's probably a kid. Must be nice to get some extra special treatment though, we've all suffered loss of cash and little failures here and there to create...it's part of the learning process...no great engineer didn't break or burn anything up to get to where they're at...it's all trial and error.
*address removed*

I need two servos
1 for the broken leg
And 1 for the broken shoulder
(They both are used for the arms and legs for jd)
By the way, I'm 12
And I'm also smarter that an average 12 year old
Please do not post your private address and other private information on the public forum. I recommend having adult supervision while using the forum.

Please obtain adult supervision while operating the robot to prevent further damage.

Hello. I teach about 50 students who are your age using these products. Take your time and don't move the robot servos manually. All of these students are much smarter than the average 12 year old. Most test at grade levels at least 2 years higher than they are. Most of these students make this mistake, or want to rush through the build.

What I have seen in this thread is a lack of patience. It's normal for highly intellectual people to want to rush through things. Highly intellectual doesn't mean smart. Smart people have patience. A highly intellectual person who has patience makes a very good robot builder.

Patience is something learned over time by making mistakes and learning from them. I am sure that everyone on this forum would agree that research and patience go a long way toward helping you achieve your goals.
As I recommended before, if the shoulder never worked, us the Contact Us form and request a warranty replacement. If you broke the leg servo, you will probably need to buy a replacement, but respond to the email I sent you last week and I'll get you up and running while we figure this out. I have a bunch of spares and won't miss two or three for a while.

M I was just about to remove my address! :D
and also... the robot is fixed now! i guess this is resolved! :D