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Jd First Moves

jd first move and i made it myself.thanks to david.



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congrats nomad - i'm very happy everyone was able to help you out.

I will tell you that I am also highly dyslexic. When I type on a computer, it appears to use a different side of my brain and i'm able to make sense of things. I am unable to read anything on a computer if it is a story or creative. If it is a logical document or programming, i'm able to read it without trouble.

I am unable to write to save my life:) Although I try often and it's quite terrible.

I understand you have many issues reading tutorials - it's too bad for that. Hopefully you will learn enough over time to not need tutorials.
wooohoooo good going man.. im with everyone else when i say congrats!
Good work nomad!
and Dave
it was magic to see jd doing the excample off you dj.
david has a super brain.he learn me alot about myself.
and i will see more magic today.

thank you avery one
Oh thank the Lord.... And David. See Nomad, if you keep trying you can do it....

Now don't break him....:P
dont forget to praise the son off god (jezus).too hehe:D
I agree, that is something to be thankful about.
Great NEWS.
So glad you did not give up!
So many people wanted you to succeed.
hi steve

i gess am not familiar to have so many support. but it feel great.
Really glad you stuck in there and let us help you. Big thanks to Dave for going above and beyond to help Patrick get through his issues, internal and external and get to this point, You are an inspiration.

hi alan

this robot is like drug.the more you can the more you want.