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That's right, just like anything else you would clip in there it's going to stick out. I made it the way I wanted it.
nomad, time for you to get a 3d printer:D
i dont have the money for it.my health insurance would go balistic,
if i bouth another robot or printer. *eek*
Haha - tell you what. Rather than paying to have parts 3d printed for you. Save the money over the next few months and you will have enough to buy a printer. I know you will enjoy a printer as much as the robots.
even when i save for it,what would be possible,still if i bouth one ,
they will go nuts.they dont like it how i spend THERE money,
aldo its in my name and bank.
Possible with a 3d printer? All the parts that you design can be printed. More custom nomad parts:) You are a very creative man!
i mean i can save for a 3d printer.but when THEY come for a onanouced ,
visit.then all hell breaks loose.and THEY can hold back my pay check.
the idea is great more custom parts haha.
I added a full C3PO JD front body incase anyone wants one. It mounts to the standard JD body back. It's just like the standard front JD body part, the only thing that changed in the design is the very front and obviously there is no longer an EZ-bit clip on the front.

User-inserted image

JD C3PO full front body
You've been doing some awesome work lately. Any chance of coming up with a "backpack" cover for JD to go over the EZB-V4 and wiring?
i would vote too for a backpack, and, if not asking too much a female clip & play ....
Just a general backpack for JD? Or C3PO themed? I guess If I made a general back pack cover I could make themed ones as well.

@ptp, I can't invision a female clip and play piece, what would it look like? There is the female plate, is that what you meant?

Female clip plate
yes (female plate) or something similar to the JD Front body
@ptp, you mean a female slot on the backpack for JD?

I thought you meant a female clip in general at first, but I think I follow your idea now. ;)
yes, female slot in the backpack
if not asking too much a JD backpack, regarding the C3po theme i need to wait until someones demo/shows the printed version parts.
jd backpack would be very usefull.

thank you justin
Since there seems to be some interest in this idea, I thought I might as well throw in my 2 cents worth on how I would see such a thing. My apologies on the length. Ideas kept coming to me as I typed.

First, I would see 2 open-ended square holes on each side. One near the top of each side for the arm wiring and one near the bottom of each side for the leg wiring to pass through and an open-ended hole in the middle on top for the head wiring. By "Open-Ended" I mean that the openings would be right at the edge of the backpack such that one end would be open to make it a slot as opposed to a square hole for the wires to pass through. That would make removal easier. Alternatively, the leg wiring could pass through via openings on each side of the bottom side of the backpack instead of the sides, but I was thinking it would be good to have female Clip'n'Play slots there instead (as described below).

To attach it to the body, perhaps a male tab on the bottom to push into the center female Clip'n'Play slot on the underside of the body. To make up for the loss of the bottom center slot on the bottom of the body, a female Clip'n'Play slot could be added to the center of the backpack on it's bottom as well. Such a thing would mean it will be a bit harder to totally remove the backpack but it could be a good option. Many people insert the multi-function sensor there now. In addition to that, a female Clip'n'Play slot on both sides of it would be helpful (basically duplicating the 3-slot Clip'n'Play arrangement that the bottom of the JD body has now). That would allow for more sensors to be placed there or maybe even a 4-legged JD? Though that would probably require the backpack to be more firmly attached to the body. A 4-legged JD would be much more stable and easier to make walk. No large feet needed either.

Finally I would see additional female Clip'n'Play slots on the other sides. One on the left and right sides, between the wire pass-through slots and three on the top just like the bottom. It's too bad JD doesn't presently have Clip'n'Play slots built into each shoulder area (to each side of the head slot). They would make great places for sensors or other accessories, or a place for additional tabs from the backpack to be inserted to make the overall connection of the backpack to the body stronger. An alternative might to put two top tabs on the backpack anyway but to simply go over the top of the body to either side of the head. Each could have a small hole in them to pass-through a small self-tapping screw to screw into the body. Even if they were not screwed in, top tabs would make the backpack more stable overall.

An alternative to two top tabs would be one tab that would slide into the current Clip'n'Play head slot. Such a tab would also have it's own female slot added for the head assembly to fit into. Come to think of it, an arrangement the same as just mentioned for the head Clip'n'Play slot tab but for the bottom tab would also make up for the loss of that slot as well, leaving all 3 female slots on the bottom of the backpack free for whatever.
I like some of your ideas here, I think some are very, very good.

Some of them (while they are not bad) in my mind points towards a JD body redesign leading to a bigger body, like the slots on the top of the back pack. JD's head is going to be up there already in the traditional JD configuration.

I'm going to take a shot at implementing some of your ideas. I'll post some screen shots in new JD Backpack thread when I have them mocked up so everyone can add their thoughts before I print it.

I can always design more than one. It's kind of fun! I see why Anthony liked making parts so much now.