Is There A Way To Have A Movement Panel With More Than 2 Continuous Servos?

I recently built a robot that has 4 wheels to it. I quickly realized that was a bad idea because from what I've seen, there is no way to control more than 2 wheels with a movement panel. If I am wrong, please tell me. If I am right, please notify me. Is there a way to control 4 servos through a single movement panel?

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You didn't specify what kind of motors you're using. But no matter what you are using, connect the motors. Or, if you feel that you need to use I/O unnecessarily, you can use the custom movement panel. It makes sense to me to connect the hbridge or servos on the same i/o.


You say motors but also servos? If it is servos your talking about, I would think that a "Y" servo cable would work? Although I have never tried it.

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you can AD multiple servo's and use one control . if you use the "Y" SPLITTERĀ  they only turn in desame direction or you have to check , the box for invert . you can do very safe some testing with the controlls . see what it does .

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Same with hbridge - you can connect multiple hbridge to the same i/o :)


@DJ Sures I am using 4 HDD continuous rotation servos from EZ-Robot.



am gessing 4 pwm then .