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Resolved Resolved by Steve G!

Is This Warenty

so i got the hex legs this morning.wgen i calibrate them al seems to ,
be fine.but when i connect D7 smoke came out.there is some knick in the wire.
and a red from the motor is burn black.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

lucky i bouth spare servo's earlier.


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if you open a motor, there is no warranty.
the most motors are burning if you use wrong connectors..
United Kingdom

As long as you connected it correctly it's possible it could be a claim if it was faulty to begin with. Fill out a warrenty claim anyway, and wait to see what the guys at the office say about it. It will either be a Yes or No. That's all I can suggest I'm afraid.
thank you steve

hi smarty you have to open it to take pics.
United Kingdom

No problem, although I wasn't expecting you to give me the credit for that. It was only a suggestion I offered.

Anyway good luck.
Looks to me that the red wire was pinched and a solder joint poked through the isolation. Hopefully ez robot will think the same thing and give you credit.
seems bolt black&red made a chort.
User-inserted image
would be a good idea to put some isolation between the wires and board.
Hello Nomad TMBS,
Hello DJ,

i had the same problem with one servo form my JD,

Take JD out of Box, install everthing correctly and make power on and ond Leg servo beginns to burn.

Ok, i had some MG996 left in my Cupboard and change it.

I was thinking ok, one servo can be a monday servo, but after your report i checked again this servo and its the same.

The Chinese Factory install the cables wrong!

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

So again hello DJ, can you please send this Information to your Warrenty Deparment!



If i will get a new servo, please don´t forget this promotion stuff/flyers for the MAKER-FAIRE in Berlin.