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Is There A Tool Similar To The Mobile Interface Builder For The Windows Version

Does ARC have a tool similar to the Mobile Interface Builder? I would like to customize the way the controls look on my Windows computer, if it can be done easily...for example to change the look of the H-bridge arrow keys. Thx.


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Other than the Custom HTTP Server... nope sorry my friend....


Thanks Richard R! I will look into that custom HTTP server control.


I've been creating a light version of ARC that will load mobile apps - would that be something that you are interested in?


@DJ is the Pope Catholic? Do bears crap in the woods.... hells ya' we'd be interested... LOL

I would love to be able to customize the ARC interface/controls... Create your own dash board so to speak....:)


If the TCP server was still enabled, I would be all about it.

United Kingdom


That's a yes from me too. Most definitely interested.:D