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Resolved Resolved by ptp!

Is It Possible To Move(9V~12V) Servos ?

is it possible to move (9V~12V) servos?

I have really cool high quality servos.. but its difficult


Tinker tinker!:D silly arduino, you're for leds!
Thanks for the help DJ, and for the speedy delivery of the controller:)
Can drive servo's now, but not too sure about sending and receiving other parameters and setting id's. it would be awesome to read in positions to set the min and max of positions and help getting him to work:) Would it help if I sent you a servo for the cause:) Another quick question is there a limit to how many servos I can run off that one uart?

Each id of the servo matches the id of the virtual port.

There is no reading from these servos in EZ-Builder. If you are experienced with c#, you can create a plugin to do so. I unfortunately do not have the available time.

You can control as many servos as there are id's for off a uart. Feeding the servos appropriate power should be directly from the battery if you're exceeding the datasheet specifications. You will have to check the datasheet to see what the specifications are.
Thanks DJ, still getting my head around everything, can move the servos with your plugin (thanks for that:) ). Is there any source code for it for me to modify it? Programming isn't my strongest suit but I'll try:)
@DJ Sures

is it possible to use a tiny controller ?
I need a UART Port.. what is Tinys UART Port ?

all what I need is:
EZ Software, the plugin and to cenntect one of all Kondo Servos to an UART-Port, then I control all Servos via Virtual ports.

have I understood matters correctly ?
@Asimo The ioTiny does not have a UART port...