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Is It Possible To Convert The Ezb Camera To Usb. Those Ribbon Cables Don'T Want

I guess I need an adapter or maybe I can simply wire the cable to fit better to my needs.


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Which camera, V3 or V4.... If it is the V4, the answer (I am pretty sure) is going to be no.. If it is the V4, why do you need to convert to USB?... It plugs nicely into the V4 board... Curious what's you plan...? If you did manage to convert the V4 camera to USB where are you going to plug it in? I believe the camera is a proprietary interface specifically for the v4 board... Any possible conversion to USB would no doubt need some custom hardware...


I does plug nicely into the EZB. But the EZB is two feet away from it. So, I need an Extension cable. BUT, I have to go through the Head and Neck and all of that is put together where it is HARD to take apart. I absolutely DREAD that. so, I figured to run a USB cable and attach to the notebook. Then, maybe go through the neck cover and up the back of the head to the top. Because a lot of what I wish to do will have to adjust the head and neck and follow the action of the head. I forgot to answer your question V4 camera. Thanks for your help.


You'll need to buy (find first) or make your own cable to the length you need... The camera cable has 6 wires, USB has 4... Like I said, you would need some custom hardware...


You can solder onto the existing cables and make them very long. The camera will still work great. I hated cutting my cable, but in the end, it was much nicer.

1 option is to take 2 cables that use the 3 pin connectors and trim the corners so that they lay flush against each other and then solder the other end of these to one of the sides of the 6 pin cable that came with the camera, after you cut that cable in half. I did this for mine and it allowed me to fit the new camera cable through a small hole in the back of wall-e's eye socket. BTW, you can remove these pins from these connectors and then put them back in if you use something like an exacto knife or a small flat blade screw driver to softly lift on the plastic tab that is holding these cables in the connector.

It is very hard to put this all into words clearly as I am prepping for a major network outage today at work and my brain is somewhat scattered. If this isn't clear, ask specifically about what I didn't get through to you successfully and I will gladly try to make it more clear.

The wires I used were just standard hobby wires that had a 3 pin JST on one end and a 3 pin standard jumper style connector on the other.


EZ robot has announced they will be selling a wifi one in the near future if that helps. Mel I am in the same predicament!


@ D.J. thanks,

@, D.C. , I think I understand what you are trying to say.

@Kamaroman, Hang in there. It will be a tremendous amount of work for both of us.

I have been in electronics since I was 8. I fixed my first TV when I was eight. I usually slap everything together and then double check it and then operate it.

Anthony has a better way of doing it. He slowly designs a super-pro looking product. Then he tests every little section before hooking up. Then it operates it. Usually, with me, I test things and they work individually, but not some much all at once. But, with the new EZB, we will see.

I am starting with an EZB 3 and an EZB 4. I have Two spare EZB4s to add to my robot if I need them. I am running windows7 now, but I also have windows8.1 and win9 is coming out soon. wish me luck.



I guess the question now is;

If you cant splice, solder or make our own extinction cables, where can we buy the type pre-wired cables DJ shows in his vid? They look like 5 wire servo cables but I've only Ben able to find 150mm 3 wire cables. There are a lot of people out there who don't want to fool around with making their own extension cords or have the skills to do it. It would be nice to know where ones like DJ shows in his vid can be found.

I've noticed that EZ Robot seems reluctant to point to other suppliers where parts can be bought that can interface with their system. Could this be that they may have planes to sell things like this in their store? It would be nice to either sell things like this that obviously help utilize EZ Robot components or at least describe the parts needed or where they can be found so we can find them ourselves.


Dave, we have been working on the infentory for extension accessories like that. Because the logistics of shipping to thousands of customers in over 130 countries is complicated - we want to get the robots moving first. Then we can begin adding items to the store.

If we add to much to the store right away, a $5 extension cable inventory issue could interfere or delay with shipping robots at this stage of our logistics process.


When i want to extend a data cable a few feet i typically cut up a cat5e or cat6 shielded cable , cut the ends off ,splice and solder on the appropriate end connectors. If you have a good set of wire strippers , heat shrink and a soldering iron then you can do it.


@DJ, I kinda thought you guys were going to start selling these items sometime soon. That's good to hear. It's a needed accessory.