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Is/Are There Compatible Cameras For The Iotiny

Is the IoTiny compatible with any other camera device on the market?

I own two EZ Robot cameras and need to order a third, but the places the online stores where I generally buy my gear are out of stock. I'd like to get started rather than wait for however long it may take for EZ cameras to be back in stock?  Any suggestions?



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Is/Are There Compatible Cameras For The Iotiny
You can use any usb camera connected to the pc running ARC - if your robot has an onboard pc
@PTP: Bummer!

@JD: Thanks I really like the idea of putting a more powerful computer on my robots, but I'm still slowly working my way through understanding ARC and all that it offers. For a beginner, which board would be the easier one to adapt to ARC? I've seen the list and watch a few of the live hacks, but not sure which one I can configure?

Oh, off the topic of this thread, I've search for how to use mecanum with the EZb and found a few posts from 2014. I'd like to move on from servo and two motor connections to 4-motor mecanum configuration. I assume it would require 2-hbridges for 4 motors, but configuring ARC to run it would be a challenge. Any suggestions.

And, thanks for your help. My son and I really like the way our robot building is progressing using ARC.

I always knew  other cameras could be used to view video if I am running the on board mini computer.Did not know the machine intelligence would also still work with other cams,gonna try that out next with a 360 cam and see if it can still track objects and colors plus have much higher quality video capturing. Also, interested in getting advanced thermal cam so if it see the color orange at night that is an animal or human while all the blues and green will be colder trees and plants .