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Ir Interferecne Device Idea

Lately I tore apart a remote control for a helicopter I lost years ago and I noticed that it uses 3 ir leds. then I thought, "my brother has been annoying me for some time now. maybe I can use my robot and geek powers to teach him a leason! :D". so heres my idea. connect all 3 of the leds to 3 different ports and then run a script to turn them on and off randomly and quickly enough to cause interference with other ir devices, especially the ones my brother use. what does everyone else think?

here a pic of the current led setup in the controller:

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


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I don't think you'd be able to switch them on and off fast enough, the IR carrier frequency of most of the TV's is 38KHz
where theres a will there is a way
use the main chip from a remote to control them then you can have some real fun lol
Another thing you can do is add a univursal remote to the bot and replace the buttons with transistors then you can script it to do it all
I plan to do that some day using some shift regeasters so i only need 3-4 ports on the ezb to controll it all
wait. if you left it on wouldn't it cause interference anyway? rather than flashing it?

@Rich, that would work but I want to try to create it myself.(with help from experts)
I found this transmitter that works at 38khz and from the looks all you need is to plug it in and make a script. it probable would have to use sendserial() but I could probably do it.
No, where there is a will. . . . . there is a relative!
In the end something similar to what Wolfie suggested may be best. Use digital ports to trigger switching transistors to trigger the button press on the remote board. A trigger for a switch to a switch to a universal controller.