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Invited To Tech Job Fair In Kitchener-Waterloo Tomorrow Night

@DJ just a heads up I'm about to go to a Tech Job Fair tomorrow night with Sue who is attending this for her work.....I'll be show casing EZ Robot and InMoov\Andrew2 at her table to help out with her job fair....he will get lots of attention especially since companies like Clearpath Robotics will be there amongst many others. As a sideline I plan on showing what EZ Robot can do....wish me luck. Here's the link if you're interested in seeing more about it.
I plan on doing EZRobot proud. Tech Jam

I'll try and take some videos and/or pictures of the event to post here....


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United Kingdom
Im sure Andrew2 will get massive attention, and you will deffo do EZ-Robot proud.

Good luck with the fair.