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Well I guess it's time I make my introduction post now my ez-b is on it's way across the Atlantic to me (although going by DHL's tracking site it's coming from China not the US but who cares as long as I get it right?)

My project, originally was going to be hacking the Omnibot, adding all (or whatever I could personally do) the awesome features DJ Sures added to his.

On to eBay to grab an Omnibot. The only problem was, it's in such good condition I really didn't want to hack apart the one toy I wanted as a child but never got... So back to eBay to find another...

What do I find? Not an Omnibot but something slightly better... A Hearoid without control unit.

Now Hearoid (if you don't know, it's a regular Omnibot with a different head and was voice controlled), sat some 60 or so miles away from me, watching out the window (see photo), waiting to be collected has no idea what's in store for him when I get hold of him:)

Hopefully you guys on here don't only make it look easy but it really is that easy. Although no stranger to the dremel, soldering iron and coding on PCs I hope to be able to make him autonomous.

No doubt I'll be asking questions. I will certainly be documenting the entire build. Although if anyone has any hints, tips, tricks, advice or even a new name for the Hearoid (thinking HAROLD but need to think what that could stand for) please feel free to let me know.

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Thanks, Rich

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Ignore this post... can't find the delete button...


Welcome Rich, good to have you. You no doubt will find answers to your questions from this forum. These are some of my favorite people.

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I can see from the forums that it looks like a nice community full of helpful people, as opposed the the usual competitive, jealous people who populate other forums I've been on in the past.

Looking forward to getting started on the build now, I'm hoping it will prove to be a challenge (but not too big of a challenge) but know whatever happens it'll be a fun project (albeit quite expensive, but worth it!)



Welcome! Its good to see anouther newbie like myself here. Theses guys have been great to me and helped a lot.

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2 Years on... and I don't like my discussion count to increase unnecessarily so bringing an old post back to the forefront:)

Someone once said "Do you have a blog?" followed by "You should have a blog"... this is not a limited instance either so you know what, I started a blog yesterday. Well, I say a blog, it's more just a WP based site (I'm lazy) with a bunch of pages being added covering The Life & Crimes of Rich which will, of course, cover my robots amongst my many other hobbies and passions.

So, if you want a little insight in to my world or want to see some more info on my robots (which will include planned but scrapped projects and a video made for a future post on EZ-Robot!) or even on Jarvis you'll be welcomed here (link goes to robot's section and what started my interest in robots).

The site will grow and evolve over time so if you're interested in what goes on in my world besides the robots it should be worth checking from time to time.:)


Rich I just had a glance and from what I can see you are far from lazy lol Looks good (Y)


Very impressive and well laid out blog, Rich! You certainly have many (and varied) interests in life!