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Resolved Resolved by Rich!

Internet Connetion Lan

is there someone who can help me with changing a lan wire to another,
router port?


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I dont know what that robot is doing on the network end, but it is possible I guess for it to need to be connected to then set the network settings.

If it is now working, great.
sofar nothing,i got this error.

User-inserted image
United Kingdom
A router port does not have a fixed IP. Moving a cable from one port to another will not reassign IPs to devices any more than resetting or power cycling the router would do.

Perhaps you should stop attempting to use such items which require some knowledge on the item until you have gained an understanding of how they work?

P.S. If you used a decent PC repair company you would not have lost your password from a simple hard drive swap. Every hard drive swap I have ever done (and there have been hundreds) the new hard drive mirrored identically that which was removed.

your first answer i get that.
second all robot programms says easy in use.so i bouth it.
just like ez robots.for the repair man,i dont now why it was needed,
so i cant judge that.did you never by something you had to learn.
you cant learn anything from nao before you own one.
United Kingdom
No but you should have some understanding of it and a general understanding of everything it uses. It seems to me you are unable to comprehend even the simplest of tasks which are required should you want to enjoy hobby robotics.

Nao may look great, he may work great for those who can understand how to operate him but from everything I have read, it seems you struggle with anything more advanced as pre-programmed EZ-Robots. All I'm saying is it may be time to stick to things which you have the skillset to operate and understand.

yes i do not understand any of robots,not even ez robots.
my heart was bigger then my brain.
no matter what i try i cant get it in my head.so thats leaves only one thing left.
quit my robot hobby,i have just bad luck having a bad brain.

well thanks for your advise aldo it hurts a lot.

lets close this topic and goodby
@nomad... please stop being a martyr and melodramatic... get on google and fix this... If you can't then sell it and stick to EZ Robot... You are doing very well with ez robot... Stick to what you know and stop shooting yourself in the foot will ya'...
Thanks for posting that link. Those manuals contain a wealth of information about how the robot is built and operating principles. Good stuff.

Don't let others get you down. I'll be willing to bet anyone would have problems making the NAO work properly. I'd love to help just to get a chance to work with one, but Belgium is a bit too far for to go for the opportunity. :D

A device like that needs a hands-on approach to get it to work. I have no experience with one so I would have to be there to be able to do anything. For what that would cost, I could probably buy one somewhere.

So, best of luck with it, and don't let what others think put you off of your robot hobby. Only you should live your life. Don't let others live it for you.

i found the factory reset.you take an usb stick clean it up with diskart.
put files on it.stick the usb in the back of nao head.chest button becomes blue and last 30 min.only one problem see pic.

User-inserted image
I'm afraid the picture is too blurry to see what the problem is.
it has no slot to put the usb in.
United Kingdom
Only the v4 and v5 have USB ports apparently, although I don't believe this to be true. Check my latest email I sent you, Patrick.
yup i saw that while dowloading v4.
am off to bed,its very early.thank you guys,
United Kingdom
Just an update to say that nomad has got his NAO back up and running. After 2 days of exchanging emails, personally contacting aldebaran customer support to clarify a few things that were unclear, and scrutanising their not very clear or well laid out user guide, I managed to offer some useful advice, and nomad did the rest. Basically it came down to doing a hard reset on the robot and starting the whole set up procedure with the robot and web surfer again from scratch. Anyway, all sorted now.

Happy days.:)
steve g

it started whit the video you found for factory reset.there where 2 problem.
i downloaded the wrong choreograph and on aldebaran had to reset all.

i thank you very much steve,check your gmail
United Kingdom
Your more than welcome. Don't be disheartened if there are things you don't get with the hobby you enjoy. Just take smaller steps and keep trying you best. There's always someone around to help you off you need it.:)
Great job Patrick and Steve. Glad to hear you got it worked out.

i sure do need lots of help,but now i have to try first myself.
it was long two days.