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Inmoov With Ez-B

Hey fellow roboticists, who has used the Ez-B v4 to control the inmoov head? My parts are practically all printed and I am about to start assembly. Anyone want to share their pointers, design mods, or project code?


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Good deal another InMoov builder ! The best advise I could give you for assembling this robot is to follow Gael's tutorials. If you are looking for modifications, there is eye and neck modifications on Thingiverse. Once you have it built use the Talk servo control to control the jaw - it works great for moving the jaw with any text you have in your scripts. There are a few InMoov builders here who will be happy to help you out.
Great. Hopefully someone has uploaded their project. I'd like to see how they did it. I think the ARC platform will make bringing it to life a lot easier!
My InMoov project is uploaded. You bet the ARC platform will make it easy to bring InMoov or any robot to life ! I started out trying to run my InMoov with My Robot Lab - I didn't have much luck there.
That's a good Segway to get a few of the community inmoov builders here together. Maybe bob or Richard can great a tutorial in the learn section for different parts of their build?
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One thing you will have to get use to is servo's are noisy and buzz under load. My InMoov jaw is quite noisy when talking and have to have the volume up high on the Amp to drown out the noise of the jaw action. I wish now I spent more time trying to resolve this, before I moved on to build the rest of the InMoov, but i was impatient.
I must sometime strip down the head and re-look at the jaw mechanism.

I've posted most of my InMoov modification work here to share with others, as have others. I'm not sure what you had in mind DJ. If it's how to build InMoov, Gael has all the build tutorials on the InMoov website. All of the modification work that's been done has been posted on Thingiverse with instructions.
I downloaded you inmoov code! Impressive.
Enjoy! A lot of my scripts are my take on scripts from DJ, Rich, Richard R, D Cochrane, Luis Vazquez and others who have shared their work here.
I have begun printing the parts for the InMoov head, looking good so far. I look forward to sharing more information and learning from ya'll as things come together.
Cool they look like something I would enjoy building! *eek*

We're slowly making progress with our inMoov out in Spirit River. Besides the neck tilt mod, what other mods have you created/found what work well with the EZ platform?

We need to have coffee soon!
Welcome back to the forum @mecizeldec Great to see you on here good buddy!