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Inmoov Robot And Synthiam

I have built an InMoov robot and I am wondering if I should be controlling it with ez-robot products. I currently control the robot with python scripts through My Robot Lab.
Does anyone have experience with both MRL and ez-robot that could comment on the pros and cons of each ?
Attached is a You Tube video i made of my Inmoov counting it's fingers.


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Hi! We have someone else who made one of those - not sure what his username is right now. I'll have to do a quick search.

There would be absolutely zero cons for using EZ-Robot:) Not because i'm the founder either. I think you'd have to use it to see, but uhm... have you seen the movie terminator? I guess that could accidently happen with an InMoov. But let's not think about you destroying the world. Instead, let's think about the movie AI. Wouldn't it be great if your robot could have conversations with you? We have a control in ARC for PandoraBots, which gives you the ability to create artificial intelligence personalities for your robot. Also, the vision control is really powerful and very easy to configure. Simply point and click and voila, the robot sees stuff and interacts with the stuff it sees.

I would recommend downloading ARC and playing with it. It will give you a great sense of what is possible.

Considering there is a new version of ARC every few days, we're always adding even more stuff! Wait till you see the next big feature. I wish I could tell people about it, but i'm kind of a surprise junky. It'll blow your mind...

I wonder if people can guess what it is
Awesome! You are the second InMoov project here on the Forum. Here's the link... http://www.ez-robot.com/Community/Forum/posts.aspx?threadId=5288 .... You will find this Forum/community the best with tons of great people and generous support. We are all currently waiting for the Version4 of the EZ-B which has many new features. This combined with DJ Sures amazing software which he constantly updates. Just recently you may have noticed a recent new feature developed by Justin Ratlif called EZ-Face which recognizes peoples faces after a short training process! Also there are many who have their own 3d printers!
I live on the West coast by the way ,Salt Spring Island.:) My project is a "STeam punk " head and torso!
Hang around and enjoy!
Hi DJ,
Thanks for getting back to me. I have downloaded your software, I need to spend some time getting to know it. You have lots of great features in it. Are you available for a phone call sometime - I have a lot of questions!

Bob, sorry - I do not have time for phone calls. The people on this community will be able to help. Glad to hear you have the software, you will really enjoy it:)

Looking forward to seeing your project!
United Kingdom
Bob, feel free to ask any and all manner of questions in the community and we will answer you. The software is very simple (despite it's power) so many of us have a very good understanding of pretty much anything the software can do and are always happy to help. This community is unlike any other on the internet in that you don't need to be a technical wizz kid or a well established member to receive help. You'll see;)

I've not used My Robot Lab (or anything else other than ARC really other than some very simple Arduino code) however I will say that DJ has built something amazing in ARC. It is simple to use yet extremely powerful and in just over a year that I've been using it I've not found anything it can't handle other than receiving serial data from external sensors (which I believe the new V4 board can do).

I'm 100% confident that you would be able to control your Inmoov with the EZ-B V4 controller.
What hardware do I need to get to control my InMoov robot with ez-robot?
Here's a list of what I am currently running in the robot;
- 25 Servos (15 - HS311 or smaller servos and 19 HS805BB servos)
All the signal wires from these servos are connected to 2 Arduino Uno boards, the positive and negative wires are connected to a common bus powered by 2 - 6 volt 12 amp batteries.
- 1 Camera (powered by USB)
- 2 speakers ( powered by a USB and audio port on a computer)

Sorry, that should have read 10 HS805BB servos (not 19)

United Kingdom
It sounds like you would just need two EZ-B V4s. These would replace the 2 Unos to control the 25 servos. There would also be enough space on the EZ-Bs to add additional sensors, servos, switching circuits etc. too if you wanted to.

The camera can remain USB as can the speakers. ARC can use these without them connected to the EZ-B.
Thanks, Rich,
What your experience with ez-robot hardware?