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United Kingdom
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Inmoov Heavy Head And How Do Other Inmoovers Cable Their Robots?

Hi everyone
Very interested in how you all approach the InMoov arm wiring and hiding the cables between arms and torso. Very interesting how you wired it Merne.

Also I have the speaker in the mouth and find that head settles forward on power down and tends to pull the neck out of the neck socket [bob houston style neck]. have a great weekend

AI Support Bot
AI Support Bot
Greetings! I'm the support robot! I've searched other questions, tutorials and controls related to your question. Take a look at these links. They're all sorted by what I believe is the most relevant:
@3dGuy  Do you dilute the Elmers glue with water and how much, I have been using aussie hair spray as that was one of the recommend hairspray's and it does work very well I never have lifting or warping, but it has perfume and when I print it smells like a Hair salon.  I cannot remember if I got the IoTiny  idea from your design. but thanks if I did, I love your designs.  just one last thing if you look at the Aerius elbow you can see he places the ioTiny on a support on the elbow made for it.  I had mine in the wrist before I made the new elbows but I would think the location is easier to work on the ioTiny in the aerius  elbow. I am to lazy to change locations though.
@nallycat - Thank you! Yes. The whole construction is quite impressive. Will the arm fully extend? I can see that it goes to 130* flexion which is a great improvement. How do you manage only one braided line to each finger? Do you have return springs tucked away somewhere?
@nallycat,   I  don't dilute it. Just spead it evenly with a paint brush. Let it dry for a couple minutes once the bed come to temperature.
Thanks 3dGuy;  I will definately give the elmers glue idea a try, is it easy to clean up afterwards. the hairspray is easy,  just clean with hot water.
@mayaway  Yes the arm fully extends.  I will have to make a video about the hands.  hard to describe you will have to see. you don't have to reprint the original hands.
Thanks 3dGuy; I've been using CubeStick for $9 USD a bottle but it lasts a long time. I print mostly ABS on a 60*C Bed - I've wondered about good alternatives. 
@nallycat oh do! on vid of the hands - their action could certainly be improved upon. The original setup is just fussy. I've thought about a lead screw linear drive solution for there too. It sounds like you do have a powered flexion against a spring loaded extension in the fingers?