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Inmoov Head

My InMoov Project.

Its taken about 3 weeks with breaks in-between and have nearly finish the head, also getting use to 3D Printing! As I brought my first 3D Printer to start this project ( FlashForge Dreamer ).

Man getting the eye mechanism setup correctly with the 3 servos is a really pain!

I though I would put LEDs behind the eyes, to come on when Inmoov is activated, but I'm not sure about it?

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very nice head.you improve it alot.


@cem You did a great job, Looking forward to see a video in action. I also had problem to fit the eyes mechanism. Still I'm not satisfied with it. I think I'm going to fit in some lego parts.


Hey CEM, you have done a fantastic job on the head. I thought about merging the eyeglasses to the upper face but couldn't figure out a way to get to the eye servos if I had an issue in the future. Can you show a photo of the side of the head so I can see how the ear and ear holder are attached to the face on yours?

I like the idea of the LEDs behind the eyes. Looks great.


In looking at your photo more closely it looks like there is a very fine line around the eyeglasses piece. Is this piece removable? If so, dang fine job! Great fit and finish.


Wow - that IS a nice head. Are those your modifications? If so, I need to print them!


DJ, while mine isnt as clean as CEM's I did pretty much the same thing by first mounting the skull pieces and then applying a Acetone/ABS mixture to fill in the cracks. From there, I sanded down the extra ABS which left it with minimal lines. I repeated until the lines were gone and the head was smooth. From there I started on the face. Again, CEM did an amazing job and obviously has more patience than I:)

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Yep, I did the same thing, I got a bit carried away with filling in the joints. After using acetone and ABS, I used a filler Premier paint and then a Enamel white paint. Yesterday I had an accident and the head fall off the desk, and InMoov suffered a fracture skull. :)

Thanks for the comments! Cheers, Chris.

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Yes, it cracked along one of the joints, will need to be re-glued, filled, sanded, and sprayed again.

Also I need to create another Head stand, which is a lot more stable.


I see a box of screws in the photos. I am printing the head on my replicator 5th gen. Did you buy a kit of screws? Are they nylon or metal? What size are they?

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@mstephens_42 Yes, it's was a kit I got off eBay, there metal. Can't remember the sizes exactly, I think they were 4mm, 6mm of different lengths and some 8mm ones that I haven't used!

There's been a number of past posting on the InMoov website forum about screws required.


Just go to the Home Depot... every screw, nut and bolt you will ever need for assembling an entire inMoov is there... Just buy a variety for screw sizes and you'll be fine... That's what I did...