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Inmoov Builders ( Servos )

Hi InMoov Builders,

Did you guys use the 2x Hitec HS805BB servos for the Head 4 axis, or is there any equivalents servos of the same size, the Hitec ones seem very expensive in the UK?


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I used Tower Hobbies TS-80's which are a generic version of the Hitec HS-805bb's...

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Thanks Richard, I see the TS-80's are smaller size to the HS805BB, I assume that wasn't an issue fitting it? Did you have to modify any of the parts to mount the servo?

HS805BB = 66 x 30.5 x 57.4 mm TS80 = 65.5 x 30 x 33 mm



Hmmm, not the TS-80s I am talking about from Tower Hobbies (Not TowerPro)... My entire inMoov is built with them... They are identical in every way including physical size, power output etc... The only thing different is the sticker on the front that says Tower Hobbies TS-80 instead of Hitec HS-805bb and of course the price...:)

See here... Tower Giant Scale servo TS-80

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Strange, I pulled the data from "Servo database" must be wrong on their website? See below:


Doesn't look like Tower Hobbies TS-80 are commonly available here in the UK, even on Ebay UK, I can't find any, apart from shipping from the US!

Thanks Chris.


These are two servos that I missed when ordering the parts for my InMoov. I don't know how I missed them but, oh well. I will probably order whatever is available the quickest. All of the other servos that I have ordered have been exactly what was on the list from Gael. I will check out those TS-80's.


I am using 2 Heavy Duty servo from EZRobot One for the neck and one for head turning side to side.

They are smaller but strong enough to achieve head movement. I have develop an STL file to fit in place of the big HS-805bb


So far I have use ez heavy duty servo in arm (5 for fingers, 1 for wrist) / each arm

1 for neck, 1 for head rotation, 1 ez micro servo for jaw.

Total of 10 HS805BB or equivalent servos 1 for each Elbow, 3 for each shoulder and 2 for the hips

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Thanks for the info, I was thinking about using smaller heavy duty servos for the Head & Neck movement, I did think the HS-805BB were a bit of a over kill? Although I have order two HS-805BB, found a RC Model shop in the UK, selling them half price, but only had two left. But I could use these else where in InMoov.

I would be very interested in the STL file you created, here's my email address: Chris.Moody@oracle.com

Cheers, Chris.