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Inmoov Builder Challenge (Boston Dynamics Video)

Anyone want to take their inMoov to the next step? Forget your mobile base or leg anchors...


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Just a couple 4 in 1 orientation sensors and some scripting:)

(that is really incredible. Just think how we were all amazed just a few years ago seeing Asimo going up and down stairs).



Honda drools, Boston Dynamic Rules! :D



Just a couple 4 in 1 orientation sensors
HAHA, now that is funny!




Just a couple 4 in 1 orientation sensors and some scripting
.. Ok, but who's going to flip him around to calibrate the 4 in 1 every time he gets switched on?... Oh, wait... Oh yeah, he can do that himself. Sweet...:D


@Richard, the answer to everything can be found in a StarTrek plot; and this solution is Bynars. 2 robots that act as a team, one to calibrate the other! :D

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Plus they can keep each other company.


Awesome, I wonder if Boston Dynamics offers this in a kit form. I have few extra million$ lying around!

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Not sure what to say about that video, just amazing maybe...


I accept your challenge. I have made extensive modifications. Off to look for the EZR back flip plugin.

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@Perry_S Perfect.... He should be able to nail his landing now...:D


That thing is amazing ! But is it a robot or a remote controlled thing? It is run by a guy with a remote control. Don't get me wrong, I'm impressed with what they can get this thing and their dog to do but is it robotic. Watch the attached video, 2 guys are there with their remote controls. At the end of the video, around 4:12, the guy takes his eyes off the thing and it falls off the stage. I thought that a robot is something that is programed to carry out a function without human intervention. Now a days remote controlled things are also being called robotic. Anyway, just my 2 cents worth and maybe the start of a discussion. Enjoy the video.


@bhouston or these guys are security persons who check the movements.. if something goes wrong both can help or control.. it's like a iPhone 1 Show..:D


The biggest challenge with Boston Dynamics is the robots cost millions to produce and they are single purpose robotics systems. We need a robot standard that allows for the plug and play of additional components so you start with a base infrastructure and then add the additional peripherals you need for a specific task. No one is going to buy a 2 million dollar robot to replace a 30K dollar a year job. But you would buy a 90K robot with a 3 Year ROI to do it.

The EZ Robot method attracted me because the idea aligns with this. Anyone can start with a base robot and add a peripheral that can make your core robot a unique task specific robot, be it your powerful hydrolic limbs to work in a factory or accurate controls and finite movement to perform brain surgery.

I think if we took the concept of EZ Robot and moved it from being a Toy to a full scale open robotics platform with an Eco System of partners all building their compatible peripherals for specific use cases we would move a lot faster then waiting for SoftBank and Boston Dynamics to get the cost of their backflipping robots into companies and consumers hands.

What we need is 1) an open standard for Robotic platforms that anyone can add a peripheral into. 2) a central core system that supports an open standard (CPU, RAM, Power - kind of like EZ-Robot V4 but on Steroids), 3) A basic entry level robot that use the core system and open peripherals that provides initial value and can be expanded (A bit like JD but life size and could perform basic functions like stack a grocery shelf) and 4) Bucket loads of money

Now companies could buy the default basic robot and then customize it for their needs. So who has a few hundred million kicking around we could do something with.