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Import Respeaker USB Mic Array DOA Information To Ez-B

I am going to buy a Seeed ReSpeaker USB Mic Array.  I would like to send ReSpeaker sound Direction Of Arrival (DOA) information to Ez-b.  If can get it into Ez-b I can write a script that will send instructions to my robot Max and allow Max to point to the person speaking.  How would I go about getting this ReSpeaker information into the Ez-B script?

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

Here is the link to information concerning  Seeed ReSpeaker USB Mic Array.  I will most likely need direction on how to get it to work with Ez-B.


If link does not load.  Right click link and select the Go to wiki.seeedstudio.com/ReSpeaker-USB-Mic-Array/.  That should let you see the information.


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On the code above - for some reason our website parsed and removed all the array [] references. I’ll have to get Amin to look at that this week. So the code is broke:(
#11   — Edited
On the above comment about voltage.  The sound sensor was powered with 5V.  I try to keep those correct.

Thanks DJ for catching the code issue and writing the code for using arduino.
You are right.  Common Ground!  I always try to do this but sometimes I can forget.  Thanks for the advice.
Did anyone fix the array problem?
It's in the website bug report list - hasn't been done yet. Several things in front:D