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I'M New

Hi I'm new and I am still waiting for my kit. Don't want to be rude but does anyone know the average time if I am in the U.S of A. I'm just so exited


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As I recall mine took several weeks (Canadian Post). But it is so worth the wait.

United Kingdom

Hi techcrab101

I Used the time to check out all the fine robots on this site and plan what I was going to do . Lots of good stuff here , Have fun .



@techcrab101 welcome:) Sometimes it can take quite a while, but only sometimes. You ordered on the 16th, which is a weekend. Today is only tuesday:) I dig your impatience, but it will take a bit longer than 24 hours hehehe


Hey man , give it a couple weeks , it takes longer than local mail but think of how far its coming from , hope you have a cool robot in mind!


Welcome Techcrab,

I am n California and I got my kit in about two weeks I think. I know how you feel, patience is not my best quality either but EZ-Robot is worth the wait and you're gonna love the kit.



I got my kit in about 3 months:D still worth the wait though!

South Africa

Mine took about a week in South Africa. Use the time to dream up and plan your uber cool robot.


I would say a couple of weeks.

D.J. and his crew is Prompt and courtious and also very Knowledgeable. :D


I understand your excitement! I've bought two ezb so far and checked the mailbox everyday even when the mail only runs three days a week lol.


I am an obsessive tracker. I track it all the time. Funny thing was I got all excited cause it said Richmond. I didn't know there was a Richmond in Canada as well.

Josh... your mail only runs 3 days a week? What? Are you in the boonies?


Chattanooga tn , our region is part of the postal system cut backs.