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How Do You Control Ez-B From Iphone?

How do you control ez-b from the iphone? I don't really know how. *confused*

Custom Tracking

I just had a question on how you use the custom tracking feature on the Ez robot camera device I believe that the instructions they give you is not spicific enough.

Sorry I Was Gone For A While

Sorry I was gone for a while. I had alot of personal tasks that I had to Be done with first. And I finally got my first actuall robot going. Because of the ez robot system I finished it in a week. I'll show you a picture of it soon.

Parralaxx Ping

Is it possible to use a parralaxx ping ultra sonic distance sensor?

Vary DC Voltage With Potentiometer?

Is there any way to use a potentiomiter to very the dc voltage output? and what output is the voltage going too? I'm doing a science fair project and I really need to know please help! *confused*

Modified Servo Movement Panel

I placed a fresh new 9.6 volt rc battery in my robot everything works great exept the modified servo movement panel. At first it works fine but then whatever arrow key I pushed it turned left. I really wanted to post my robot and so far the battery was the problem but after I found my battery I have to face this problem please help. I know i am...

Controller Lights

HI I am experienceing problems in my ez builder when I start a script or just move a servo have way there one of the lights on the ez builder shuts off and I lose connection. Then I would have to turn it off and turn it back on to finally make both lights on. It is really starting to bother me. Help would be nice, or an explanation. P.S I know I...

Xbox 360 Joystick Control

Is there a way to control my robot using my xbox 360 joystick. I have been using my wireless keyboard but that got alittle uncomfortable. If not what joystick is everyone else using?

Servos Not Yet Replaced

Hi I don't know if this is normal or if I am being impatient but I still have not recieved my new standard servos to replace the malfuctioning ones. I requested them to be replaced and they said that they are able to be replaced. I still haven't got mine. More info please.

Continuous Rotation Sevos Movement Panel

Every time I use the continuous rotation servo movement panel in the EZ-B the continuous rotation servos go the opposite way. Is that normal? *confused*

Please Help Download

I tried to download the EZ-SDK but once I downloaded I had no idea what to do. Can you please help me? I am so confused. *confused*

Color Sensor

Can an Ez-b sense color and if so what sensor should I use?and how?


I was about to build my dream robot when I was delayed by some faulty servos. I requested to have my faulty servos replaced with working ones. So while I wait I wanted to know if you have any ideas for a cool...


Is it possible to control a hexapod using EZ-script or movement script in the ARC built for non-programmers?

Questions!!! Please Help!

Hi I finally received my robot kit but I have a few problems. First of all, all of the standard servos don't work. The continuous rotation servos are fine but not the standard ones. I could hear something in the servo but it would't move. please help me! It is stressing me out! *stress* I also have a second problem. The battery pack, as I turned it...

I'm New

Hi I'm new and I am still waiting for my kit. Don't want to be rude but does anyone know the average time if I am in the U.S of A. I'm just so exited
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