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I'M Introducing Myself.

Hello ! Greetings from Poland. I'm computers engineer and I've started to build the robot Wall-e for my son Marcel :-)


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Welcome fisha, Congrarulation for your new born Wall-e look great .

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welcome fisha! Lots of support on the forum and many people have or are building the Wall-e. I am thinking Wall-e will be my second build...maybe:)


Fisha, best wishes on your son Marcel. The Wall-e you built was great. Welcome to EZ-Robot. You will find many helpful people. I have grandparents from Poland and Italy. Steve S


Welcome to the EZ-Robot community Fisha

I have not done a wall-e. Good job on yours ! An engineer? You should be teaching us then lol. Just kidding - Josh


Thanks again,

Your knowledge is the best. I love to read yours posts to learn from you, how to build amazing projects - you are so special. In my opinion Europe is very specific, they construct a robot but not have a fun in it. The robot must be usefull and helpfull or must win in something. Nothing special only just for fun ;-) it is what was the reason that I've started to build the robot and this forum was the most inspiring for me :-)

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Welcome hope you have a good time building robots like i do,i have very high passion for robots,collecting and building them

I love all robots designs and not using ezb ,But my favorite is ezb like interface and easy programming and more.


@fisha Are you good at programming or electronic designs.


I've just started at building robots, but my profession is very usefull beacause I've programm since almost 15 years in C, perl, java and etc.. Simply normal computers engineer ;-)


Welcome Fisha, you will enjoy this great bunch of Wonderful people. I do.:)