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Im Getting Published Online And A Magazine Article " Watchdog Security Robot "

I had Magpi contact me interested in publishing an article in their magazine. I already had the interview, Ez robot definitely got their plug. It is for the Watchdog security robot build from the jazzy chair. I sent them a step by step how it was put together. They will use 8 pictures and publish the steps along with the article. Super excited. The writer is putting together to draft now to publish.
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they are going to use this headshot


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Congrats and we'll deserved. Always impressed with your builds.
United Kingdom
JStarnes this is one of my goals. Can you give more information on how you got the recognition. Thanks
@kamaroman , I posted my project on a open Facebook page for PI diy projects and it was liked and shared 900 or so times. After that magpi contacted me through my robots Facebook page asking for an interview.
Awesome! Nice plug for the raspberry pi;)
I talked about ez-robot a lot more but it is their magazine. lol
Thanks for sharing the article Josh and we definitely appreciate the EZ-Robot plug!
Nice work on getting published. Saw there was a lot of hard work going into your build. Very inspirational.
Can’t wait to see your article. Congratulations.
Wicked awesome dude. Looking forward to that article. Good to see hard work like that getting recognized.
Uh, guys.... The article is on post #16 of this thread along with I link to the whole issue PDF....

Great article Josh. Congrats.