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Ideas To Attach A Tablet To Ezr Pan/Tilt Servos

I would like to add Pan/Tilt to a Tablet to be the Robot Interface

User-inserted image

besides the rotation & lever servo i will need:
Clip'n'Play Adapter Plate
Extension Cube

similar too:

User-inserted image

The tablet is 7" and the weight is 370g (0.82 lbs)

some questions/issues:

1) Tilt servo (Lever Servo) can a EZR HD servo handle 400g ?
2) I will need a frame similar to (thingiverse):

User-inserted image

but with a female EZ-BIT

I'm not familiar with 3d tools, zero "nada" skills!,

1) anyone did something like that ?

2) can someone build or adapt an existing frame to support a 7" tablet (119.77 x 196.33 x 15.36 mm) ?

3) other ideas ?

any help/ideas will be appreciated:)


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I found this setup interesting:

"Zero" position
User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

The bracket on the right side will allow the top cameras located on front & back to work without being blocked by a vertical frame.

It seems a nice fit, but instead of a lever servo, is needed two rotation servos, but is need also a special bracket to connect the top rotation servo with the horizontal servo or i'm missing something ?

Do you think the Gimbal setup will minimize the servos force ?
wow, while grabbing the pictures and uploading Speed DJ put a new post!

the gimbal setup to a back pivot is something like this:

User-inserted image

or there is any alternative to vertical frame blocking the back camera ?
I don't think so, still is a left/bottom connection, still looking for a back pivot...
You will want a 2 axis gimbal approach. The commercial gimbals pictured above are designed to stabilize the camera. You don't need/want that.

A simple bracket that will hold the tablet and let it tilt about center mounted pivots
and that could be rotated at its center for yaw should do it.
Maybe this will give you an idea:

User-inserted image
@JD wow, nice design. What are the dimentions? for a samsung tablet?
Is it possible to adjust the dimentions to fit a ipod touch? that would be cool...
Digi if you tell me the dimension i can resize it. It's simple to resize if you have solidworks - but i can do it if you just tell me the dimensions. width, length, thickness.
123,4 mm
58,6 mm
6,1 mm
Hight : 123,4 mm

Wide : 58,6 mm

Dept: 6,1 mm

Weight : 88 gram2
@JD I'm test printing the tablet stl at this moment, looking good...
@JD tnx very much, missed that one ... :):)

User-inserted image

lever on the back.

Don't you think the servo has more stress to hold the tablet versus the initial setup, bracket bellow the tablet ?
I think the center on the back would have less stress because the weight is distributed like @oldbotbuilder mentioned


once again thanks for the help.

User-inserted image

back 1
User-inserted image

back 2
User-inserted image

detail cube:
User-inserted image

I was in a rush and i sent the first design (without the back clip & play) to shapeways to print, one day after entered in "production" and they didn't let me change the file, and it took forever (only got it last weekend).
I hacked the back with a thin abs plate and a female adapter plate.

Does exist a MALE Clip'n'Play Adapter Plate ?

I found it (**different color**)!

I'm using a cube but without it will improve the stability.


Any thoughts ?
That looks real good! And it fits well?
There will be a lot of side load stress on the pan servo. You may want to look in to the servo blocks at ServoCity.

Servo Block


It fits perfectly i used some foam tape inside the 3d print case to avoid scratching the tablet.


yes that is the weak link (horizontal servo), i think the stress is higher when the base starts to move, also i need to minimize the vibration.

I'm using 80/20 frame for the robot spine and head, i will need to add some actobotics frames to help the mounting, unfortunately i'm not familiar, so i need to do some research to avoid spending extra money.

Are you familiar with their products ?
Their products are great. The servo blocks are by Actobotics. The servo blocks take the strain off of the servo by isolating the lateral load from the servo spline and case. I have not used these yet but, this looks to be what you need for at least the pan servo. See the link in the post above and the video to help you decide. Take some time to look over the ServoCity website. They have some very cool stuff.

You will have to choose what type of servo spline shaft hub to match the type of servo you are using. They have a guide somewhere on the website to help with that.