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I was about to build my dream robot when I was delayed by some faulty servos. I requested to have my faulty servos replaced with working ones. So while I wait I wanted to know if you have any ideas for a cool robot.

Any ideas?
No idea is a bad idea.


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Its a personal preference really. Also it depends how much you want to scale up your robot.
Have you seen all the ideas in the robot showcase? Within the threads are more ideas too. You can see in our community that there are small and very large robots! First, decide on a toy to hack that can fit the board and servos inside. After that you've done that you will have the support of the community to help you through it. Take heart if a technical question doesnt get answered right away. The right person just hasnt read it yet.
Welcome to the EZ-Robot community!
Buy yourself a omnibot or similar tech crab lol , or rad 2.0 and use the base to make a robot ontop of it. Personally one side project is a robot that dusts / waxes my hardwood and tile floor.
I saw your name and thought of this one.


It was a creative use of an everyday item!
Ha ha , I still have not seen him move around , that robo crab looks great though
That robot crab looks great thanks for the link.
Infact my very first robot, which I built when I was nine, was a crab robot.
Ever since I built the robot and showed it to my friends people have been calling me techcrab101.
I have no idea where the 101 came from.

Any way I just had an idea last night. I have built Van De Graff generators and I thought what if I could link my ez robot to that.:)
Here, meet my robot, it'll shockingly impress you! :D

I have never seen a robot that looked quite like that!
My Pelican Robot (in the red circle) got a bit to close & learned a valuable lesson, taking a rocket in the chin smarts for days!
User-inserted image

STS-114 RTF launch
David, are you serious?!?! That is amazing! Tell us more:)
@dj , he's kidding man , shuttle has not flown since 06;) still funny though lol
Actually, the last Space Shuttle mission, STS-135, flew in July 2011.
My avatar is of the launch of STS-114 on July 26 2005 (the Return-To-Flight mission after the Columbia STS-107 accident). And yes that is an actual bird that struck the back of the External Tank at liftoff & then promptly got roasted by falling through/being passed by the Solid Rocket Booster plums.

<- Bit of a NASA geek, especially Human Spaceflight.
:) Actually it was a case of hit and run by the shuttle. Not the other way around.:D