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Ibm Acts Like They Came Up With Djs Ideas!


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Troy sent me this and I had to share , props to troy

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3D printed robots have been around since before the Revolution was announced.

Also they mention open source, the EZ-B is not open source for reasons mentioned by DJ.

It's similar but totally different. Open source 3D printed robots with open source AI will end up with a bunch of crap that doesn't quite work right or doesn't quite fit right.


Oh no! Big blue? It's the Apple's Personal Computer story all over again!


Jimmy the robot is just like all of the other ones, he comes to you DUMB and ready for your imagination to make him do whatever you like. If you are a professional programmer, then you might be amuzed. But, Jimmy does not have that EZ element in him. He will probably be programmed with Robotics Studio which is better than scratch but not Near as EZ as EZ.


Yeah, well that sucks either way:) Too bad there wasn't a way to tell the world we came up with it first. And, that we're better at it than anyone else :D