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I2c Connector Information

Does anyone have a source for the i2c connector/cable in the states? I can't seem to find it at the re-sellers listed at the ezrobot shop. Or a connector name eg. JST-PH?


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hi steve B

these are very hard to find,especially whit two males. i got a spare one you can on nomad18.08, there you find my e-mail afdres,am from belgium and i can send it for free. it takes about 15 days before you will have the cable.

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I can't help with US sources although eBay and Amazon will probably be your friend but the 4 and 6 pin cables are very hard to come by, but the i2c and camera ribbon cable connectors, are 2.0mm pitch JST-PH connectors.


hi steve G

i found many off them but only one side whit a connector.

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Agreed. The double ended cable are very hard to find else where (except for the EZ-Robot shop of course).


they problably come from china orso,but thats order whit 100 pieces or 1000 i always by extra batt and wires,they always come in handy.

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Buy two single ended and join the cables. For most I2C devices you probably wouldn't need double ended since the EZ-Robot I2C stuff is the only I2C stuff I've used with that connector on, most have the 0.1" pin headers for the connections.


Once the new sensors are in the shop, I will be posting an offer to do a group buy for anyone in the US who wants to order items that don't make the shipping worth it. I'll repack and send items by USPS (or the shipper of your choice) to US users.



Thanks everybody for responding! I don't need a double ended cable, two single ended cables would be fine. I was being cheap. The EZ-Robot cable is 3 bucks but shipping to me is 18 bucks. I'ts a principle thing. So I was looking for a more local source. I figured that they had to be common, right? But I didn't know what you call the little plugs in order to search for them. @SteveG I looked at the JST connectors on the camera and LiPo battery and it looked like the pin spacing was different. I will look more carefully tonight. @Nomad I appreciate your offer! Let me see if i can find it locally If not i will take you up on your offer. @ Alan Let me know what you are offering in your shop? And when you might have these little cables.

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No problem. Trust me though, the camera and i2c pins are both definitely 2.0mm pitch (pin spacing). The digital and analog pins are 2.54mm pitch.


@SteveB, I don't have a shop, I was just offering to collect peoples needs and do a group buy so the International shipping would apply to one big order where it is more cost effective.

Once the new sensors are in the store I'll post a new thread titled "USA Group Buy" with instructions for participating.



@Alan, I wonder if it would be cheaper for us Canadians to take you up on the offer too? I do realize it would cost more to ship over the boarder than within the US. However, us Canadians would not have to pay 13% tax on our orders either. Problem is I wouldn't be able to use my store credits...


@Alan wasnt sure about the shop thing but definitely interested in the idea of a group purchase!


@Richard R

I can check the shipping cost of a few different box weights and sizes. I know when I sent you something (was it an EZBv3?) it didn't cost much at all. Maybe $5.

Whether or not I get charged customs seems to be a crapshoot. I had to pay $27 on Roli, but not on any other orders.



@Alan, I might give it a shot (add to your bulk order if you don't mind)... Just waiting as everyone else is for the new stuff to hit the store... I'll do the math and see if it makes sense to add to your the bulk US order...

Thanks for doing this by the way...


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How long ago did you get your Roli?


@Steve G

First week they were shipping.


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Okay, not to worry.