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I Would Like To Join Actively This Community But Need Your Help To Get Started :

Hi all, (I'm new here) First of all, I'm a big fan of the Ezrobot concept and can't wait to get my hands on the hardware. I'm 35 years young and have a bachelor degree in electronics. I would like to share my knowledge and passion for robots with my sons in a playful way. I was looking at the Aurora Reprap Z605 for 3D printing because it's very cheap. Does anyone has experience with this model? Is it feasible to print in 3D without any other device to smooth the surface and still be able to easily assemble and disassemble the Ezbits?

My end goal is to have at least 2 "fighting" bots to compete with my boys in a robot battle. To this end I would like to equip a six and a roli with a scorpion tail (on the front) to be able to flip an opponent on his side. In a second phase I would like to mount a humanoid head on both of them which I would like to equip with an IR emitter and receiver to be able to shoot at each other. Does anyone has any experience in this kind of application?

I'm really looking forward to start building and configuring these robots. I thank you in advance Nicolas


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hi nicolas i am from belgium to (antwerpen)

what are you using a pc or? whits pc do you have.



welcome to ez-robot forum.



Hello Nicolas Pirotte ,

Welcome to the community. As far as smoothing out the ez-bits, you can use sand paper on 3d printed objects and it works well. You can also trim the parts with an exacto which works well.

It is my experience that you will need to do a little cleanup on the parts. If you buy the parts from EZ-Robot, they will be injection molded and much stronger than 3d printed parts, which is the way I ultimately decided to go. The layering in the 3d printed parts works for a while but eventually weakens and cracks. I suppose if you were going to connect them and leave them connected, you would probably not have this issue, but mine were connected and disconnected many times for demonstration purposes of EZ-Bits.


Welcome! Just as an idea, I'm looking into the xyzprinting da Vinci 1.0 3D printer. Cheap with quality prints.


Thanks for the quick reply! Great advice indeed! It would be a lot faster and cheaper to be able to print parts myself. I assume there is no reseller for EZBits in Europe, is that right?

Patrick : The laptop I'm planning to use is a Dell i5 core @2,6Ghz, 8Gb RAM, Win 7 pro 64bit. Do you have experience ordering @ Ezrotbot from US? Can you recall if you had to pay a lot extras? (VAT, customs import taxes, transport)

KR Nicolas


hi nicolas ,i only paid amazing 24.50 euro that all


Welcome Nicolas!

We drop ship the products from china directly to you - so there is no need for a reseller. Although we have a list of resellers coming online very soon.

Do keep in mind that Roli body is the only robot you cannot 3d print. He has too many gears, metal axels, clips and other complicated parts which are not 3d printable.


nickolas you have a printer?


Patrick, read his very first post again.


It would be a lot faster and cheaper to be able to print parts myself. I assume there is no reseller for EZBits in Europe, is that right?

so he has no printer?

I was looking at the Aurora Reprap Z605 for 3D printing because it's very cheap.

thanks robo-doc


Indeed Patrick, I have no 3D printer and after taking all comments in consideration and knowing that the roli body can't be printed I'll not order one for now. (thank you DJ Sures for the info!) Taking it one step at a time:) In fact the price of the cheapest 3D printer is equivalent to a roli or six. I'm checking my master card (linked with paypal) tonight if there's enough to order both + some extra ezbits + scorpion bundle (btw nice price DJ Sures for the bundle !)

On another subject, I was thinking of the "shooting" possibility. I came to a very simple solution. I have a few little laser diodes (5mW) that I'll attach to the bots camera. These can even stay on all the time the bot is on. As the camera can detect colour I can program a "death" sequence with sound as soon the red laser is detected. This means I don't even need two ports to connect emitter and receiver as I previously thought to do and don't even need to press a button to shoot. I will even have a visual guide to aim (red dot of the laser) The best ideas are the most simple ones.


nicolas i like lazers very much.i seen one on the attacknids. i wait for your video .it will be awesome.


nikolas what is your main language if i may ask.


moedertaal nederlands, vadertaal frans:) But I'm not sure it's appreciated on the forum to communicate in another language than English as the others won't be able to understand and comment on our discussions:)


hi nicolas

we all speak best we can.


@Nicolas, the reason Patrick asked is because we occasionally can't figure out what he is saying in English (particularly when the conversation gets technical) and were hoping if you speak Dutch you might be able to occasionally help translate.



thank you alan and nicolas

yesterday i cleaned my pc and change the monitor whit a 19" inch version. i had a problem whit the screen it makes sounds like i hear the internet, and it also didn lid up.wednesday i have my win8 ,so i will hear jd for the first time. am writing this for nicolas to see how i write my englich.